Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What to sell Wednesday: Stuff that looks...interesting

After missing out on the yard sales on Saturday, I was itching to get out and find some deals.  The thought of couponing at the grocery store or stalking the clearance aisles at Target didn't seem to scratch the itch, so I headed out to Goodwill.

Armed with a fist full of dollars and a baggie full of goldfish (aka Goodwill shopping babysitter), I walked in and cased the joint.   All the usual subjects were spotted.

Super friendly but quirky check out lady?  Check.

Grandma with summer vacationing grandkids in tow?  Check.

Old guy with book scanner scanning the videos and hardbacks?  Check.

Middle-aged guy thumbing through polos while piping music through his earbuds?  Check.

Husband and wife with a cart full of...everything?  Check.

I can size up the room in zero point five.  Only one thing catches my eye.  The tall, two-tone cowboy (and I do mean cowboy) boots on the top shelf.  The stroller makes a bee-line to check them out.  But there's only one problem:  I'm not the only one interested.

So another guy was checking out my boots.  I wait until he moves away...pick them up, check the price ($15-wow!) and the manufacturer (Justin).  These boots are, show me a bull and I'll rope him cool...

like Pioneer Woman's Marlboro Man cool...

like make my pink shirt, green pant, rope belt wearin' husband cringe cool...

I can tell Mr. I'm On My Lunchbreak Goodwill Shopping is still interested, so to be fair (and nice) I walk away to see what happens.  He sits down on the grody old sofa and tries them on.  I head to my ebay app to check out Justin cowboy boots.  I see closed auctions ranging from $10-$ I'm thinking just for fun I'll take a chance (IF he puts them down).  He gets his feet in...will he buy them or put them back?

Because I'm too cool to care (yeah right!) I busy myself checking out some other things but in a few minutes look up to see he put them back.  So I buy them.  Taking a risk?  Yes.  Are they interesting?  Yes.  Remember the fun-for-the-whole-family, shrunken head kit?  Yes.  Am I interested to see how much they will sell for, IF they sell at all?  You betcha.  I'll keep you posted.

So today's What to Sell Tip:  If it is interesting to you, and seems pretty interesting to someone else, it's likely to be interesting to someone else out there in the world.  Take a never know if it will leave you with great pair of cowboy boots your husband will never wear or money in your pocket...but isn't that the fun of it all?


  1. Last night I went to Goodwill and looked through a few things. I had past by a box filled with stuff a couple of times and didn't really pay it any attention. Finally, I looked on the side of it and it said "Mansion and all that goes with it." Well of course that got my attention! So I put it in my cart (it was all taped up so I couldn't dig through it) and headed to the register. I figured $3.99 for a mystery box sounds good to me. Once I got home and looked through it I found it was a Playmobil Victorian Mansion set... the mansion did not come with all the parts but it had TONS of accessories and figures. So yeah... taking a chance rocks!

  2. I really need to start stopping in at the regular GW more often. I just hate their prices after shopping at the outlets. Good luck on your boots.

  3. I took a risk too. After reading one of Money in the Garage's posts about the duck phone from Jersey Shore, I found a box with a similar looking duck on it. I listed it as Jersey Shore Jewelry Box and described it as something perfect for a Jersey Shore fan. We'll see if I can capitalize on the popularity of the show.

  4. I went to GW last night and found a mascot doll from the 1994 Winter Olympics, in the original packaging. I haven't found a completed listing of the doll in an unopened package, but other dolls like her are listed at $50-$100. I paid 50 cents. I'll probably hold on to her until the next Olympics roll around and people have Olympic fever. :)
    I love your boots! I bet you'll make a nice profit!

  5. Wow! You guys found good stuff! Unfortunately I never seem to find such good stuff at goodwill these days. They want $2 for a beanie baby here. Fifty cents for anything is unheard of! Great job everyone!

  6. Absolutely love your point, sometimes you take a chance.
    I agree with prices high, our GW has way too high of prices and never a sale. We have a couple of other thrift stores where their prices are a little lower, but then they have regular sales as well.
    I think the key to finding things at a thift store is to go on a regular basis. Sometimes it is a bust, but once in a while you find a gem.

  7. I had to laugh at the boots, I am from Oklahoma and you see boots like that EVERYWHERE!

  8. I have kept this post in mind all week and just bought some huge 48x84 Monopoly drapes from the '80s still in their packaging at the GW. Hopefully they'll be interesting enough to snag me a great profit! Good luck on the boots!


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