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What to Sell Wednesday: Sah-weet Sweet Streets

Happy Wednesday! 
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Ok kids.  Sweet Streets (made by Fisher Price) and I have a love hate relationship.  I love to buy them.  I love that my kids enjoy playing with them!  But I hate that they never seem to come with all of their accessories.  And I hate that I always think they should bring a huge profit but sometimes they don't.

Completed Sweet Streets listings vary widely in closed auction price.  You have some that close really high and some that close really low.  The general rule of thumb is that if you have a ton of houses, people, and accessories, you'll be able to sell it as a lot for around $100 give or take (maybe more at Christmas).  Let that be your guide as far as how much you pay for a huge lot of it at a yard sale or consignment sale.  In the past, I think I have paid as much as $50 for a big lot of it, happy to sell it for $100 and make $50.
If you find a bunch, you'll have to make the decision whether or not you want to group it together or sell it individually (by the way, I don't recommend separating the people and the furniture and houses in this case, though they would sell that way too).  Pictured above are the Sweet Street sets that I have. I plan on splitting this up since I don't have a huge lot of stuff, so I will sell the hospital (I paid $5 for it), and probably the rest of it all together since none of the other pieces sell too well individually.  Another possibility would be to hold on to the other pieces until I have gathered other houses and odds and ends, until I have a really big lot.

When you're out shopping, keep your eye out for the hospital, hotel, beach house, original cottage/family house, and cabin, which all sell well on their own.  But if you can get other pieces on the cheap (I like to pay $3 or less per house and it needs to have people/accessories) I would say buy them and save them up to sell as a big group.


  1. Thank you for the information! Your information has been helping me a whole lot. I bought a huge box of toys like Monsters Inc., Mulan, Hercules, etc. I'm going to sell them in September as lots for Christmas. I'm so excited, and I only paid $5 for the whole huge box of toys. They bring more than that on eBay for just one set.

    Is this title alright for school supplies: SCHOOL SUPPLIES LOT Notebook Paper Pencils 24PCS

    I tried to add keywords people would search for.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. I bought some of these the other day. They were only $1-$2 per house but I made the mistake of buying them without any accessories.:( Gonna try and find some people too go with them! Thank you so much for your blog. I somehow managed too find it and it has helped me soooo much! I just sold a Thomas set on ebay for $83 that I had bought for $15 and it was all because of you that I even looked at it twice!!! Thank you!:)

  3. Right now, I have the school, hotel, dance studio/candy shop and the ice cream truck with few accessories. I'm definitely holding on to mine until I have more as they seem to be fairly common around here. I don't really know what the figures/accessories look like, so that'll be the hard part for me!

    Thanks again for an informative post!

  4. Trisha--I do buy them when I can pick them up for $1 or $2 without accessories. Once you start going to yard sales every weekend and know what the accessories look like, you end up finding them in free bins or mixed in with other toys. Or you might find a house for sale with extras, or you can split the furniture and people you do have between two houses. I also use polly pocket furniture with sweet streets listings since it is the right scale. I try to buy smaller furniture like that whenever I see it and save it for sweet streets! And great job on your Thomas stuff!

    There are two phases of Sweet Streets, older and newer. Older people are skinnier and less caricature looking, newer are larger with more cartoony features.

    Hope--I don't know much about school supplies. Take a look at completed listings and see what you can find! How fun to find a big box of toys so cheap!

  5. Turns out I also have the Pet Shop. It was filled with all of these little animals, but judging by what I see online, there are no actual Sweet Streets animals in it!

  6. After reading your post about international shipping on EBay, I'd like to give it a try. So, if you want to mail a large lot of Sweet Streets, let's say, would you just enter in the weight and let the buyer pick their preferred shipping method? I'm having trouble deciding which international shipping method to use? They all seem very expensive for large boxes like you would need for a lot this size. What do you do?

  7. OK, so I was cleaning out the big girl's closet and found this big box of vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls and S.S. doll house furniture. I guess my dad brought it to me when they cleaned out my old bedroom and I stashed it in her closet years ago and forgot about it. Looked things up on ebay, and looks pretty worthless, but the quiet afternoon of play that I'm getting out of it with my 4 year old is priceless! :)

  8. Do you mix old and new style of people?

  9. I found a country Fair and Camp Cabin in a freebie box in my parent's alley last week. Didn't know what they were at they time, but they looked nice enough so I grabbed them.

  10. Anonymous--For international shipping, if the box weighs more than 4 pounds, I only select priority mail international, since first class is not an option and express is so expensive. That is their only option. If the package is under 4 pounds, the only option I give is first class international, because that turns out to be faster than priority overseas anyway. International shipping is VERY expensive in US dollars, but not so much for currency stronger than ours. Anyway, YOU select the shipping method based on weight of the package. Hope that helps.

    Laura! Hi! Vintage Strawberry Shortcake? Dollhouse pieces? Those should sell well! But to keep a little bee busy it's probably worth a lot more in your house :-).

    Megan--Great free find! Pick up a few more and some accessories and you'll have a nice listing and hopefully a nice profit!

  11. Thanks for the international shipping advice! Super helpful!

  12. You never know with Sweet Streets... I sold the post office with mailman and mailbox for $25 plus shipping?! I couldn't believe it bid that high since there was a completed listing of a brand new in box post office set for half that price! I'm not going to complain! :)

  13. Have you had that baby yet Janessa?

  14. Thanks for this post!! Definitely needed to know this. =D

  15. My 17 year old daughter collected Sweet Streets back in the day- they were all named Jim & Jim's wife. All three of my girls LOVED them, and we have probably close to complete sets of everything they sold. Today I sadly packed up the last of the "Jim's," and happened across this thread while looking for what I could sell them for.
    I'm shocked at the prices they can fetch- and now I'm realizing maybe I'm more attached than I thought. Could be good for future grandkids...


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