Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Webkinz--Who Knew?

My girls love Webkinz and always have.  They never seem to grow old and there is always the frowny face when their 1 year animal's membership expires.  My girls have taught me a really good lesson this yard sale-ing season--dig through the boxes of stuffed animals because you might just find unused Webkinz with codes securely attached!  I have taken my daughters out twice this season, and both times they have come back with webkins purchased for .25 cents per piece WITH codes.  You better believe I dig through those Webkinz bins now, with success!

I was just visiting Mom's Paycheck and she has discovered that lots of Webkinz do sell fairly well on ebay, though it is probably hit or miss (and it probably depends on which ones you have).  I might experiment with our old, used, forgotten about ones before I start buying.  Often, though, at yard sales they are only 25 cents each!  Which means 20 for $ maybe it's worth it?  Check out her info and you decide!

Yesterday, my girls found the bin full of scrap fabric and trim, threaded their own needles and made clothes for their Webkins.  The clothes turned out much better than I expected!  Now penguin has a cape and shirt (with pom fringe!).


  1. Thanks for the mention. Before I scrolled down on the page, I was like WOW..we wrote about Webkinz on the same day. Yes, I agree they can be hit and miss, but for as cheap as they come I'll take a $10 profit. I'm not greedy.

  2. How can you tell if the codes have been used?


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