Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday's Ebay Selling Tip: Your Title is Everything, So Make it a Good One!

Okay, blog reading friends.  Today's lesson is an important one.  This one requires you to put down that bag of chocolate chips you just grabbed because you were feeling a bit desperate and pick up a pen to take notes. YES IT IS THAT IMPORTANT (and yes I am yelling at you but I mean it in the best way possible).

If you are new here and just getting started on the whole eBay thing, you may want to read one or more of the following posts before reading today's ebay selling tip:
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4.  Why you need a smartphone
5.  Take a good picture

Caught up or ready to go?  Okay, good.  Today we are going to talk about your auction TITLE.  Yep, there I go yelling again.  DID I MENTION THIS IS IMPORTANT?

Your auction title is, in my opinion, key to a making a successful profit on eBay.  It could mean the difference between making $5 and making $50.  Your goal in writing your title is to have as many "lookers" as possible land on your item so that you will have more bids and therefore, make more money.

Tips for a Great Auction Title:
1.  Go ahead, use all caps.  It's not yelling on ebay, I promise...it will make your auction stand out against those using lower case letters.
2.  Put your buyer's cap on.  Look at your item and ask yourself, if I were searching for this on ebay, what would I type into the search box?  Think of every possible word someone might use to search it, and be sure it makes it into the title.
3.  Avoid using cliches.  Words like WOW or NICE or FUN or LOOK are just wasting your space.  Even abbreviations like EUC are not always worth it, and I only use them if I just have nothing else to say.  Try and use each character of the title carefully, and only use words that will be searched by a buyer.
4.  Search completed listings of the item you are selling, sort the list by highest winning bids first, and study the title of the highest ended auctions.  What did those sellers put in their titles that may have caused them to get more bids?  If you are selling the same thing, you may just decide to steal their title!

Speaking of yelling, and because I can't have a post without a picture, I'll leave you with this gem from our beach vacation.  Some of us went for a beach walk one night and a kind lady offered to take our picture.  She just happened to snap a picture of me fussing at my husband.  Thought you might enjoy.  Feel free to make up a caption and leave it in the comments!!


  1. That picture is a great way to end your "yelling post". :)

  2. I love how more of the kids are looking towards the camera than the adults!

  3. Caption: "I don't know which kids are ours, Honey! We'll just grab a few when we leave, no one will notice!"

  4. Handkerchiefgal--
    You are hysterical. I love you. Would you believe that my size 0 sister in law on the end can claim 4 of them, and her high schooler is missing from the picture?

  5. Caption: "...but tomorrow is Saturday...."


  6. Thrifty Chick PicksJuly 12, 2011 at 11:35 PM

    Listen, I will only be gone for 1 hour!! I just need to get a yard sale fix in!!

  7. Ya'll are crackin me up. Really. And I'm in need of a good crackin! Keep it coming!

  8. What do you mean there's not enough testosterone in this family?!

  9. "Who the Hell are these people?"

    Pardon my French ;->

    Janet xox


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