Thursday, July 28, 2011

Storage Wars

So many of you email me asking where I store all my yard sale "loot"!  Yard Sale Daddy is going to be VERY unhappy that I am posting a picture of this, but here it is:

I'm not sure if I am allowed to tell you this, but we have a two car garage...and only one car parks in it.  On the other side, we have exercise mats and a treadmill, my ebay storage, and a a little workshop for Daddy.  Somehow toys were not in Daddy's fantasy man cave, but over the years after a few "storage wars" he has come to terms with it.  He even set up this little aisle so I have two sides of shelves.

If you can't tell, I am lacking a little organization.  I'm kind of a big picture person, not so much a details person.  Not at all type A, more like type D for disorganized.  I'm sorry if you type A's out there are hyperventilating at the toy chaos, dying to jump into the computer screen and label storage bins "polly pockets" "little einsteins" and "mickey mouse clubhouse".  Every once in a while, yard sale Daddy tries to corral me and organize me, but it doesn't last long.

You can see that on top I store big things on one side, and boxes (broken down) on the other.  There is also a shelf for small boxes, like shoeboxes, which I don't break down flat.  It's nice to have everything in the garage.  When I come home Saturday morning, I can immediately unload the car and put everything on a shelf.  I've been doing it like this for years, even when we lived in a house with a smaller garage.

If you don't have a lot of space, I suggest making room in a closet or by using storage bins under your bed.  You might also simply have to be more selective with what you buy, or list every week or every other week to constantly make room.

If you are an ebayer, where do you store YOUR items?


  1. Confession time. I live alone and stuff is everywhere. Hoarders in the making. I bought four shelving units but they are full. Right now I'm pushing myself to do some marathon listing. I need to get my inventory down and quit shopping so much. I just love the thrill of finding treasure.

  2. Wow, kudos to Yard Sale Daddy for letting you have that much space in the garage! My husband wouldn't even think about it :) I don't have much for now and it lives in our guest room soon to be turned into nursery (not sure what I'll do when 2nd kiddo comes, but I like the under the bed idea). I also try to list things right away so my husband doesn't freak out too much :) Baby steps...Thanks for sharing!

  3. I list clothing daily during good selling seasons, but am trying to list toys weekly. Our house is sooo small (under 8oo sq feet) with one closet the five of us share (thank God I have boys!). We have a half semi-finished basement, so my boxes are down there and oddly, we have the exact same shelves (Home Depot, right?), but I have limited myself to one, and it also has my birthday/Christmas gift stash on it. Right now, the basement is disastrous, so I'm hiding my shelf behind an old bookshelf with things on top of it - the bigger items may cause a problem in my marriage once my husband notices them ;p

  4. My inventory is stored in the half of my basement that is unfinished. I used to have my bins labeled by contents as I was able to list them the week they were purchased. That was back when I had and Ebay store and only two kids.

    Now that I have three kids and do mostly auctions with the a sprinkling of fixed price items I store my items in bins labeled with the month that I intend to list them. I also have a bin for items that I am going to lot up but need more to make it worth listing, a bin for items that are listed and a bin for items that are photographed but not listed yet. It sounds organized but it does not really look that way when you go down there.
    I will post a picture of my craziness on my site soon. My hubby had me take a picture of my listing craziness last night as I was getting auctions up. He thought the variety of boxes was funny. I have lots of American Girl boxes that I'm using for shipping this week that are being used on very boy oriented items. He thought that was funny.
    Thank you for sharing your stock pile. I will try to do the same soon.

  5. We've just started doing toys and items other than clothes, and I have a few Rubbermaids full, but a lot of stuff is just loose in our office. There are Little People everywhere.

  6. The guest room closet is where I would store stuff if I had any. :)

  7. Wow. Is this where you store your consignment sale stuff too? Do you tag season-round?

  8. Mine gets shoved back into my room where ever I try to store it. Even if it's out of the way they always find there way back into my room or closet! lol.


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