Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday's Yard Sale Spoils: Midge is Expecting, Barbie Happy Family Edition

It was a busy Saturday morning before leaving for the beach.  I had strict orders to be home by 8:30 so that we could hit the road by 9am (ha ha!).  I was a little bit late, but only because it was a fun morning where each yard sale had a little surprise for me when I showed up.  Here are the highlights:

For $10, I bought this awesome group of Barbie things:

The Barbie Breakdown:
Midge and her Family (I have the Dad, little brother, and baby too, with all of the nursery accessories!
Barbie Happy Family Talking House
Barbie Happy Family Doctor Set
I'm actually sick about this now--I passed up two other Happy Family Sets at the same yard sale because she wanted to sell them for $5 and I was being cheap--little did I know I was passing up a $100 extra profit.  I had NO IDEA the Barbie Happy Family line was so HUGELY popular.  I will definitely be buying this in the future.  When I purchased this Barbie Stuff today, I knew it was just a good deal and the little girl had kept all of the little pieces.  I did not look it up, if I had I would have bought every last bit of it.  I learn something new every Saturday morning!  If you are curious, check out what all the Happy Family Barbie stuff looks like here.

I guess I was still on a dino high because I bought the Spike Jr. and friend for a total of $3.  They both make noise and there are lights, etc.  He doesn't sell like his huge counterpart, at least not so much right now, so I may hang on to him until Christmas.

I also bought a bunch of Littlest Pet Shop Stuff, because it sells well (you have to buy cheap, though!) and my oldest LOVES it.  In fact, she ran off with a bag of animals so it isn't pictured!  I paid $5 for everything here (and elsewhere).

I also bought a fisher price baby toy (I usually don't buy these but it was cheap and I thought maybe Charlotte would like it).  I will resell it when I am done, will probably make $15, but probably wouldn't have bought it if we were not able to enjoy it first.  Of course, she had no interest...she wanted the Littlest Pet Shop animals (and to suck on their magnets, ugh...).  Also note the Weebles Treehouse.  Please make this mental note:  Weebles are great.  Buy them.  They sell OK right now, but at Christmastime?  Through the roof!!

Among other things (that I am likely to share with you later on this week), I bought a Sleeping Beauty Dress ($1), a Lord of the Rings Risk Game ($1--did you know RISK games are great sellers?  I just learned this recently!), some little tupperware things for the lunchboxes, a puzzle and craft for the beach, a neat Easter book, and some ZOOBLES (my girls love them and I got a handfull for ten cents a piece).  I'll share more later on in the week.

Now I want to know what YOU found.  Come on, I can take it.  Unless you live in Raleigh and you bought those two other Happy Family sets that I passed up.  I don't think I can take that.


  1. I'm hoping the comments are back to working order again. Something was wrong with the last two posts are they weren't showing up!

  2. The Happy Family Barbies are what got me started on Ebay - I had originally bought everything on clearance at Toys R Us for about $25 and it sold for $300!

  3. I had a so so weekend. Seems like people in my area were busy partying or at the beach instead of having yard sales. You can find my haul over on my blog - By the way, I LOVE your blog. It's making me want to start selling on ebay...

  4. Jen The Fisher Price Superstar stage (the baby mirror toy) is a good seller. I don't do auctions but BIN with best offer and I get anywhere between $25 and $40 for them if they work. Plus you have the microphone. They don't go that high in auction. I sold one a few weeks ago for $39.95 to a buyer in the United Kingdom. and it did not have the microphone

  5. Okay, so here's what I'm most excited about - I found "The Original Memory Game" from 1980. Paid 10 cents. Looked it up on eBay and an incomplete game recently sold for almost $20. And get this - mine has all the pieces! I couldn't believe it. Not expecting to make a lot of money off of it, but I think I will use it as my test case to try out the whole eBay thing. :-)

    I also bought three Disney Princess costumes for 50 cents total, a vintage Raggedy Ann/Andy puzzle, and some old Playskool puzzles. I also bought a bag full of girls Gap clothes and a couple Vtech toys for a quarter each to sell at an upcoming consignment sale. I figure I'll at least make my money back, and I have not participated in the sale before so it will also be a good "test" for me to see how it all works.

    And of course a few odds and ends for my son (including two puzzles missing pieces - I should know better, grrr!)

    Oh - and a whole box of Playmobil figurines, a treasure chest, and a couple other things for $10. I haven't took a look at it all to figure out if/what it's worth, but I think I should at least be able to make back what I paid.

    Love, love, LOVE your blog!

  6. Well, my weekend was eh. I did find a bag of original Loving Family furniture and people for $3, so that was good. But other than that, I got a lot of things I *hope* will sell - Mega Bloks Yo Gabba Gabba Boom Box with pieces, Fisher-Price Little People dinosaurs with accessories, Dora's Talking Minivan (with Papi, but no other figures/accessories), a pair of little girls like-new UGGs (for $5!). My son scored big though - a Thomas the Tank Engine play hut for $3, a dimensional Blue's Clues puzzle for .50, 6 like-new hard cover books (Olivia, Clifford, Curious George, Walter and Frances) for $2.50, a Go Diego Go Travel Magna Doodle ($1 - paid too much, but it'll be geat in the car), a Little Tykes piano for $1, and a big box of books a yard sale that was ending gave us for free. My older guy got Lego Indiana Jones for XBOX360, in like-new condition for $5, so he was happy too :)

    i could kick myself though - I had the Weebles Treehouse with pieces, in my hand and put it back! Just goes to show that I need a smart phone too! Any idea why Weebles sell so well at Christmas? Do people actually buy used toys for Christmas gifts at high prices?

  7. After posting my comment, i decided to go back to where I saw the Weebels Treehouse. Guess what? Still there! Weebles Treehouse plus two Weebles for $5 - don't know if this is good, but hopefully it will be! Now to find a place to put it... Any other things you think sell really well more so at Christmas time?

  8. Your stuff is always so impressive! I had a tough time finding toys this weekend, but I did get some good baby stuff. For $31, I got an iplay lift off rocket ship, snoopy sno cone maker, 5 cans of red bull (my yard sale fuel), graco pack n play with mobile bassinet and changing station, little tikes cozy coupe, little tikes buzz around mailbox, and a pair of stride rite baby shoes. I can sell the pack n play on craigslist for at least $40, that was a great deal.

  9. I got a kitchen with play food for my son, mega bloks, a shirt for me, vintage barely worn cowboy boots, 2 nice puzzles with all the pieces, and bunch of books, a filing cabinet the opens on top to keep my son out, a casio calculator, a little baby doll and accessories, a nice wicker basket, table cloths and 2 cake pans for me. $30 for everything. Whenever I see baby stuff, I have the tendency to think, I don't need that since I already have it, instead of could I sell that? My son has that mirror toy. He loved it, and would still play with it if I hadn't tossed it in the garage. (So tired of the music from plastic baby toys!)

  10. Wow, you did great!! I'm so super impressed!! I didn't have much success yesterday. I found some Little Golden books and totally thought of you ($1/for 6--one of them sold on ebay for $8), Go Diego Go safari car w/ trailer and accessories, a couple old books and a Star Wars transformer that had a piece missing off of it (lesson learned!). I'm hoping for some better goods next week!

  11. i have question to all of you? i would love to try this, but where do you all store your stuff till you list/sell it? we have a small home + 3 kids= no extra space:)just looking for suggestions on how i could make it work for us. thanks.

  12. Wow, great thrifty haul. You hit a real jackpot on all those toys! Thanks for joining TTF and have a great day!

  13. Hah! Your last line about being the one to purchase the Happy family toys you passed up cracked me up :)

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