Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday's Yard Sale Spoils: Costumes, Books, and More!

Beach yard sales just aren't the same as your typical burb yard sale, so I was ecstatic when my husband made the last minute decision to leave the Outer Banks last night instead of this morning.  To him, it meant not having to listen to the baby cry.  To me, it meant I could hit the sales!  And hit I did.  It was tough waking up at 6:30 (I hit the snooze button big time) after getting in bed at 1:30am, but when you're hard core, you're hard core.

I probably went to five yard sales, and the first one was on my street.  That was the best one of the day!  I should have gone home after that one, but I went and wasted gas instead.  I was home by 8:30am with donuts and presents in hand, so the girls were happy.

It wasn't a stellar morning.  I can tell that yard sales are winding down and the garage sale season is entering that lull...people are on vacation and the sales hardly seem worth the trouble.  What's a yard sale mommy to do?  Well, I'll tell you...later.

 Here's the haul:
1.  Fisher Price Great Adventures Sherwood Forest Robin Hood set. $0.25
2.  Leapfrog Leappad System, Case, Books, Cartridges, and Puzzles $5
3.  Costumes!!  Disney Store Fairy and Narnia White Witch, Pink Frilly costume, and blue Midevil Costume $2 each  ($8 total)  (Will sell well at Halloween, or lot together)
4.  6  $0.50 movies ($3 total)
5.  8 Dear America Hard Back Books (my oldest LOVES these) $0.25 each (total $2)
6.  Some Berenstain Bears books 3 for $1.00
7.  Wizard of Oz Toto Dog $0.50
8.  Clothes for girls, $0.25 to $0.50 a piece
9.  Shoes for girls, including two pairs of boots, one pair Stride Rite $1.00 each (pink shoes were a quarter at a different yard sale) total $3.25

I spent about $25 for the morning.  The girls will enjoy all of these things until they are ready to be enjoyed by someone else's children!  Here's the haul:

I don't know why I buy these Fisher Price Great Adventures sets.  I suppose they would sell better at Christmas, but for twenty five cents I couldn't pass it up.  And if I can get leapfrog books for cheap, I buy them.  I will sell the case and system at a consignment sale and ebay the books after I've collected a good lot of them.

I always buy movies if they are fifty cents (I will pay $1.00 for a Disney feature film) and sell them at consignment sales for $3-$5 a piece.  Toto will sell at Halloween and I always buy Berenstain Bears books because we adore them.  Once I get a nice lot of 30-50 different ones, I sell our collection and start again.  I do the same with the Dear America books.  Your target price should be $0.25 for books.  My daughter wore the Narnia costume to the grocery store with my husband, it is beautiful and still had the tags on it!

The Kit puzzles are new and I paid $1.  This will make a great Xmas gift for my American Girl Lovers!  The clothes were a great deal, too, and my oldest wore those boots around the house all day.

Would someone please loan this girl a brush?  Gee Whiz!  She was excited to have a dress up dress just like the girl on the cover of the book.  She asked me to take her picture!
Thanks for letting me know what you would like to know more about, I am going to address some of your questions in posts in the near future.  This week, in addition to my usual posts, I will try to tackle:

  1. Buying and Selling Children's Books
  2. Storing your stuff
  3. Christmas and the Holidays
  4. Consignment Sales
I am also hoping to unveil my new logo this week!  I am SUPER excited about neighbor designed it for me and I love it.  I am paying him with Frosted Mini Wheats but it is definitely worthy of Lucky Charms.

So how did you do this morning?  Did you have any Happy Family Barbie moments like I did last week (remember the two sets I passed up?  Ugh!)  What did you find?  What are you most excited about?  If I tried to figure out how to do one of those linky jobbies, would you guys take pictures of your stuff and link up?


  1. Wow, I am a little jealous about the Dear American books. My mom loves those books and that's a steal. I did pretty good. We picked up Wonder Pets Fly Boat for $0.50 and it sells really good on e-bay. We also picked up some dress clothes, books about 7, clothes for my niece, puzzles, mini tonka trucks, snoop train, mini wizard of oz dolls, a snap n' style doll, baby doll accessories, disney polly pocket (belle & cinderella for only $0.50 for both), and a Little Pet Shop puzzle. We paid just about $15.00 for all of it. I wanted to say out longer but my hubby was starting to hurt (he as a dislocated rib) so we came home. I am starting to do the e-bay thing with toys, who would have thought they go for so much.

  2. So far I didn't do too well today, but there's a "Sunday Only" sale in the morning! After hitting MANY sales this morning, I only came home with five books for Bubba and 2 pairs of toddler Converse (like-new) and a Lightning McQueen bathing suit. I spent $5 total, so I shouldn't complain, and I know I'll make at least $10 on the shoes alone, but I drove around a lot. Wish we could find a gas yard sale...

  3. Oh! I forgot to mention - I came across a very "interesting" yard sale as well. This young boy had four bins lined up at his curb, each with a few toys on top to designate what was inside the bin (they were the larger, but not huge Rubbermaid bins). He had one for wooden Thomas knock-offs & tracks, one for Hot Wheels playsets, one for Imaginext dragons/castle pieces and one for Imaginext dinosaurs and lots of pieces. He wants $25 for each bin, so I passed, but I had the hardest time deciding if I should, particularly with the Imaginext dino set. ven with my son's smart phone in hand, I couldn't really tell what it was that he was selling by looking on ebay. I could see that some of the dinos individually were selling for $3-$10 a piece, but couldn't really dig through, as he had everything boxed so neatly. Did I pass up a good deal? He was so cute when I was leaving and told me to stop back tomorrow when his mom would let him lower his prices... should I? And in case you were wondering, he's who I bought the 5 books from in my original post :)

  4. It was an okay yard sale day over here. I got a good collection of diego legos and such for $2.00 among other things. My yard sale of the day was also just down the road from me. I got very tickled at your comment about giving your neighbor frosted mini wheats although he deserves lucky charms. hahaha

  5. This might be a silly question, but in other posts you talk about looking up the final sale price of something on ebay. How do I look up that? I know how to search for current auctions on items, but not how to find out what it sold for. Thanks!

  6. I would totally link up! :) I'm going to blog about my dino tragedy, probably tomorrow. You're right... I'll remember that darn toy forever! Grrr.

  7. Great finds and LOVE how you link up the completed auctions. Ugg..I've been passing up Berenstain bear books forever now and I can get them dirt cheap. Fun living through your finds since I had a no thrift weekend.

  8. Why do you sell the LeapPad at a consignment instead of Ebay? I have one that I'm trying to sell right now, no bids. I actually bought it last week at a sale for $2, inspired by your successes. Do you find that they sell better at consignment sales instead of Ebay?

  9. Oh, I was going to ask about the leap pad books... do you buy them to resell even if they don't have the cartridges? Same with the cartridges without the books? If so, do they still sell well on eBay separately?

  10. About the Leapfrog stuff--I will only sell the books with their cartridges on ebay. The system and case will be put for $5 at a consignment sale. People seem to just be looking for the books, though at Christmas maybe they would look for the whole set. I usually try and sell them in groups of 10, and I don't usually sell the books without the cartridges though you probably could since people probably are looking for replacements. Hope that helps!

  11. I just wanted to say that I love your blog! I read it daily and was even inspired to start my own thrifty blog. I had a fabulous weekend at my local Goodwill. I got a jogging stroller, an bathing suit for an infant, and expensive blouses. I paid $44.40 for what would have retailed for well over $400. The jogging stroller was on $20.96 and that usually goes for $199.99.

    If you want to see my pictures check out my blog post about it:

  12. Hi I'm new to your blog and just can't get enough! A few years ago, at Christmas time, I sold new toys on eBay. I made about $1,000 in just 6 weeks. You've really inspired me to start selling again. Used toys this time.

    This week I found some books for my little guys. I picked up 2 12-book sets of scholastic readers for 50 cents each! I also found a wooden dollhouse with furniture for $15. After some research I found out it's a discontinued Ryan's Room Home Sweet Home. Now I can't decide whether to sell it on eBay or Craigslist. I can't decide on a price either. ???

    I found a sequined Dorothy costume for $3. I knew Halloween would be a good time to sell it but didn't know what kind of profit I could make. Since I don't have any little girls to use it for dress-up I passed on it. I'm still thinking about that costume. lol

  13. I was totally thinking you should do a link up! You have the perfect site! And it would drive so much traffic to your site as well. I would DEFINITELY link up! I already take pictures of my Garage Sale finds. :)

  14. I was so excited to find a large collection of vintage Star Wars ships for $5! I also found a Star Wars costume that my son has worn all weekend:) After reading your blog, I am gearing up for my first run at selling toys on Ebay. How do you decide what to sell right away and what to keep and sell closer to Christmas?

  15. A link up would be fun :). Did not have the best weekend (seemed like a lot of sales weren't fully set up even 30-40 minutes after the start time?) so I ended up with some Disney Princess Polly Pockets and a bunch of Groovy Girl dolls and accessories that I think I paid to much for. Last thing I got was 2 big bins full of little tikes train tracks, roads, bridges, etc. for $3 total. I got it so my son would have something to play with, but it actually seems like one of the best eBay moneymakers I've had so far.

  16. First weekend that I took both kiddos with me. Our sales start on Friday, so I had to if I wanted to try and get to stuff first. Here is what I came home with. Nothing to resell though.

  17. Love the blog. This is my first time buying at sales to sell on E-bay. Found a Madeline friend doll for 75 cents and a Calico Critters set for 25 cents! I didn't even know what the Calico thing was until I searched on ebay for it. They are listed and it looks like I will make a good profit on both. I also bought about 6 Imaginext Dinos...will see if I do well on those. I figured I would give it a go and see how things sell. Thanks for your tips and inspirations!

  18. Great job! I'm still hoping to one day have at least half as much success as you do! I got a few things we needed and also found a Joker's Funhouse Imaginext (sp?) set in EUC. I only bought it b/c i saw that you had bought one at a previous sale and knew it was probably worth the $2 and I'm glad I did. Thank you, THANK YOU for this blog! I check it like 10x a day (everytime i nurse my little guy) to see if there's a new post. Keep them coming, you are doing an excellent and I'm so thrilled for the blessing to make a little more money for our family. God is using you!

  19. I wasn't really planning on going garage sale shopping, but after I went to Once Upon a Child's $1 clearance sale, I stopped at quite a few. Mostly junk, but I found a few treasures.

    Do you have a Once Upon a Child by you? It's a children's consignment shop. They have a semi-annual $1 clearance sale, that I had never been to before Saturday! Now I'm kicking myself for not knowing about it earlier. It was SUPER! I got 17 items (11 dresses, 4 jackets & 2 skirts) for $1/ea!!

    As far as my yard sale finds go:
    Infantino padded baby sling - $1
    Lilly Pulitzer dress - .25!! (was mixed in w/off-brands!)
    Land's End kids rain boots - .25 ('s hoping I can clean them up!)
    Land's End winter boots - $1

  20. it looks like you've got a lot of great stuff!

  21. It must be so fun to buy girl things! I have two boys & look at the girly stuff with envy lol. Nice haul!

  22. Here is how I did at the thrift store yesterday, just had to share! :)


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