Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saturday's Yard Sale Spoils: American Girl and Kitchen Littles Fever, plus Linky Party!

Truth be told, my heart just wasn't in it this morning.  I stayed up until 1am shipping all this stuff and watching the ESPN Fab 5 documentary (excellent by the way if you love college bball), and I was tired.  I even snoozed and didn't get out of bed until 6:38am (so obviously I was running late!).  I hadn't even gone to the bank the night before to get cash, so I left the house with $19 in my pocket.  I only had 4 yard sales on my list, so I figured I could make it work.

First yard sale, nice neighborhood, nice house, nice cars, nice looking people, JUNK.

Second yard sale, older neighborhood, I see brightly colored plastic and it looks good.  I immediately see a pile of toy story toys I want to buy, all for 25 cents each!  Score!  Wait...oh, sorry, you just bought these?  I apologize *frown*.  Mental note:  no more sleeping in till 6:38am.  Let's there anything else I might like?  You betcha!

There was a complete American Girl camping set, with tent, camping chairs, fire with working lighted lantern, marshmellow and hot dog sticks, hiking backpack with binoculars and other accessories, sleeping bag, guitar and hat.

OOOHHH...and there's a neat school desk for 2 dolls, plus a laptop, a locker and little accessories.  Some of this I will sell and some I will save for my girls for Christmas.  And what is that over there?  Barbie Kitchen Littles!!???  Woo Hoo!

These little kitchen items (made by Tyco in the 90's) are some of the neatest little things EVER.  Made to be Barbie sized, the quality is beyond excellent and they look so realistic.  They are so detailed, and this little girl took EXCELLENT care of them (I was told she's in college now).  I honestly can't even tell they have been played with.  You can check out the closed auctions of all the Barbie Kitchen Little stuff here.

Look at the food for the fridge!  It's so cute that it makes ME want to play with it.

So do you think $19 would cover all of this?  Not even close.

For the first time ever in Yard Sale Mommy history, I had to put yard sale items on layaway.  I handed over my $19 in exchange for her holding my items until I came back with the rest of the money.  She happily accepted and off to the bank I went.

When I came back, I paid her the rest of what she said I owed and $56 dollars later I was in my car.  But $56 didn't seem right to me...sure I bought a lot of stuff but the number wasn't right.  I pulled the car over, tallied up my items, and stopped back by to pick up the $8 she owed me.

$56 $48 later I was back in my car headed to the next sale.

Here I picked up two movies, $2 each, and the Narnia one is sealed brand new.  It will make a great gift.  And I also found an umbrella for Charlotte.  It will look so cute in photos.  If only it would rain!  Man, it is hot here in Carolina!

And of course, more crafts and a lot of 25 cent Christmas Golden books.

 I also got a three drawer storage bin that I had been thinking about buying in the store for Charlotte's room to store the clothes she hasn't grown into yet.  It was only $1!  And for $10, I picked up a brand new set of 4 child's golf clubs.  Finally, I bought a pair of shin guards for $1 that we needed so the girls don't have to share.

That was my morning!  Grateful to God for all the things I found to keep or sell!  What did you find?  Link up so we can see!!

Here are the link up rules:
1.  Your link must bring people directly to a blogpost about your yard sale finds, not to your blog "in general".
2.  Your link (or should I say yard sale finds) must be family friendly and appropriate!!
3.  You must include a link back to somewhere on the blogpost you are linking up.  A simple "I'm linking up with Yard Sale Mommy" with a live link would be great so we can grow this linky party!


  1. Some major scores, American Girl Camping stuff...awesome. And good for you for going back to get the correct change! Eight dollars can buy a lot more stuff!

    Just so you know, I am trying to insert your link in my blog entries but sometimes it works and sometimes it don't...all very frustrating!

  2. I always wanted an American Girl doll when I was little. All I ever got were the books and I read those 1,000 times over. LOVE the great haul!

    {Coupon Tipster}

  3. These are great finds! I was going to go Yard Saleing for the first time this weekend but I was up all night with a cranky 7 week old so it did not happen, but next week I am going to do it! I am posting a link to my blog where I have what I got at goodwill. Take a look please and please leave comments! I need all the help/advice I can get!

  4. I missed yard sales this weekend because it was 110 degrees here in Phoenix, but last week I found this great desk for $5.00 that I hope to flip for $75. I'm so glad I found your blog. It's great.

  5. I went to a number of sales yesterday and bought a bunch of junk, unfortunately. I didn't pay enough attention to what actually sells and because I'm so new to flipping toys, I'm not familiar enough with the names of them. I'm chalking it up to a learning experience and hope to at least get back what I paid for them at the consignment sales coming up. If nothing else, my kids will have some fun new things to play with! I did get a Webkinz with what appears to be an unused code for $3 at the thrift shop but because I've never even seen one before, I don't know if the code is inside or not! Can someone tell me if they are in the blue plastic envelope?

  6. I got some good finds this weekend, hopefully. At least, I think I did. I picked up some Barbie things, a Disney Princess play cd player, some Little People, some PlayMobil stuff, and some other random things. If anything doesn't sell my kids will end up playing with it... so it isn't a total loss.

  7. Your finds are AWESOME! I was so excited to go out this weekend, my town rarely has any yard sales, and this weekend there were 4 advertised, one that said in the ad "tons of toys". Yay! Well, we get there and there's one little blanket of crappy, really, really beat up toys. Seriously? The only thing of interest they had was legos. They were separated in to 3 bags, they wanted $25 for all of the legos. I just felt that was way too much for a yard sale and passed. The only thing I bought was the same Little Golden book you picked up - Baby's Christmas. Only you got a better deal! I paid $0.50. They were asking $1!!! I talked her down to $0.50. That was the only thing I bought all day...

  8. You find the best stuff! Looking at the good loot you and your readers have found in the linkys, I wonder, is Vegas (where I'm at) a city bereft of good deals or do I just need to try a different neighborhood than my own? Do you have any tips about where you go? I thought I read you just do what's closest that has "toys" listed on Craigslist right?

    Congrats on the American girls stuff, what a good deal!

  9. Yes, Billie, I definitely sort by toys...and search children or kid in the search box as well. Honestly, you just never know. What I think will be an awesome sale will be nothing but junk, and the sales I'm like "so so" about turn out to be great. It's totally unpredictable, which is what makes it fun for me! Yes, try different neighborhoods to see what types of people live there, look for lots of families.

    Love hearing about your finds! Learning lots from all of you.

  10. @ Diana
    The little plastic envelope should be clear, and the code should be inside the blue card. If the knot on the little ribbon looks like it's not been undone, it's pretty likely you have an unused code.

  11. GREAT FINDS! Wow! I have to say I went to a few sales Friday with my little guy and there just wasn't much out there - too hot I think. We did pick up a couple of VHS tapes for $.50 each. He's a big Blues Clues fan, so now he wants to stop at every sale we see to look for Blues Clues videos - I have a new helper it seems!

  12. AWESOME! You have inspired to me to get out and go to yardsales again!


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