Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh Lovey, Dear Lovey

I don't know about your kids, but all three of my girls have had unhealthy attachments to at least one stuffed animal at some time or another.  For my oldest, it was a TY dog (tag name Plopper) given to her by one of my former middle school students, we call him Woofie.  She had two of them, just in case one was lost.  And we did, of course, lose one at Cici's Pizza.  That was a very sad day.

My second daughter LOVED LOVED LOVED her TY Tubby.  So much so that she sucked on his tail.  In order to sleep...eeewww!!!  I had to wash that thing constantly, and to get her to stop doing that, I had to cut off the tail and sew it up.  We lost one of these, too.  She threw one off a pier into the ocean!  Luckily I had stockpiled a few!

Note grody sucked on tail!!

Charlotte has deviated from our TY obsession and loves her "sleepy bunny," given to her by one of my former sunday school students.  It's a blanket with a bunny head and feet by BABY STARTERS.  The problem is I have never been able to find a match, not even on ebay (and you know I would pay a pretty penny!!).  PRAYING we never lose this guy.  I have lost it in the mall before but found it in Gymboree (where they took very good care of him).

I've been thinking about loveys lately, thanks to a reader's comment somewhere or another (sorry, I wish I could remember so that I can give you credit!) and decided to see what it would cost to replace:
Sleepy Bunny (can't find her!)

I am inspired to dig through those stuffed animal bins this weekend!  I'm buying all the 25 and 50 cent loveys I can find now.

Just for fun, what lovey does your lovey love and how much would it cost to replace it through ebay?


  1. My Adelaide has a soft pink bunny by Jelly Catz that my mom bought at a local specialty store that she loves (granted, she's 6 months old, so she's not too particular), but when every other toy fails, her bunny will always cheer her up. It has a sweet little bell inside of it and she loves it so.

    Speaking of loveys, I recently sold a NWT Pooh Bear security blanket for $9.00 that was given to me at a baby shower that we've never used because we have about 15,000 other security blankets from baby showers. I put it up on a whim and was surprised at the response!

    Thank you for your blog. I love it!

  2. My son is four and still attached to his Plopper puppy! My daughter had a TY bear and I loved it because it was machine washable, so I bought the puppy for my son. I remember trying to find a double in case Bear ever got lost, and soon found out I could only find it on eBay and for far more than I was willing to pay. When I saw a Plopper in pristine condition for a quarter at a garage sale, I bought him somewhat as a backup, but I was really hoping to sell him - I know, horrible mommy! Because my son is so attached, though, we've kept him... he even has his own name - Emergency Puppy - because our original one has been so loved on, they're really nothing alike anymore! They've recently changed the style of these and now they have plastic eyes instead of stitched - boo!! (although, secretly I wish I'd bought up the old ones when they could still be found!)

    So inspired by your blog - I'm on vacation this week, so no garage-saling, but at my first stop last week, I found a Little Einsteins Pat Pat Rocket in pristine condition for $3 and could hardly contain myself!

    1. I'm 38 and I still love my Plopper puppy *LMAO* I really dislike the name "Plopper", though; so my puppy's name is "Happy".

  3. Bubba loves his "Night-Nights". He out-clevered me and realized that there were two of them one day when he was watching the wash go round (so much for being smarter than a two-year-old...). Now he insists on having his "Night-Nights" every night and has named them "two" and "three". I did switch them out for washes as soon as I realized he was so attached, so they really are identical. They're from Target, fuzzy light green fleece with a bold colored embroidered lion and his Godparents bought the original.

  4. My daughter has a stuffed winnie holding a satiny blanket. She has loved her winnie since she was about 6 months old. Fortunately, we realized this early on and bought 2 back ups. Unfortunately, she could tell the difference between Winnie, Winnie 2 & Winnie 3. She would take winnie 2 in an emergency, but would have nothing to do with winnie 3 until she was about 5 or 6. I have reattached that blanket more times than I care to cut too. Now that she is older, she sleeps with all 3 Winnies "so no one gets their feeling hurt."

  5. Love these sweet stories! Don't the loveys become part of the family???!!

  6. Wow, I'm so glad I read this! I just looked in our "gift closet" and found we had been given a winnie the pooh lovey and it just sold for $25! I crochet little blankies for my boys b/c i never wanted to have to spend a ton of $$ if we lost a lovey.

  7. Both our kids love the Angel Dear lovies that are easy to buy through Amazon. So thankful for that! We're hoping #3 takes to an Angel Dear blanket, too.

  8. I had a Carters brand Dog (the stuffed animal with a rattle inside) that someone had given to me when my son was born. I had looked up how much they were going for (when he was about 18 months) and it was $20-$25, but only a couple had sold. I did a auction listing and it sold for over $100!

  9. When my daughter was a baby, she became attached to those cloth diaper burp clothes. She called them "boodle-dangs" And insisted on carrying not one, but a whole arm full of those dingy clothes! They were very easy to replace as needed. When she got older, she adopted a pink teddy bear a co-worker had given me as a baby gift as her lovey. She called the bear "Teddy".

    Our oldest boy wasn't really into loveys as a baby. But as a toddler became attached to a dark brown bear I bought at the Dollar Tree when I was pregnant with him. Named him "Bear".

    Our youngest, also a boy, wasn't into loveys when he was a baby. But he is now! He's 4yo and likes to carry around an Alaskan Husky stuffed animal my husband's aunt (who lives in Alaska) actually sent as a baby gift for our daughter. He calls the dog "Husky". In addition to Husky, he also drags around a red and white crocheted blanket my mother made for me when I went off to college at NC State.

    Thankfully, we've lost no loveys!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  10. My oldest son is still VERY attached to a yellow Winnie the Pooh receiving blanket. He used to suck on the tag (YUCK) when he went to sleep. Eventually I had to cut the tag off because it was so gross, but the spot where the tag was is still his "special spot". I've been trying to find one like it on Ebay for years, and have never come across one.

    My youngest is attached to a blue and brown receiving blanket made by Carter's. I happened to find one just like it at a garage sale a couple months ago, and paid $1 for it. I put it into rotation immediately so my son can't tell the difference between the two. They are equally worn, and washed frequently. I found one on Ebay just for fun and it is selling for $24.99! I think I only paid $12 when I bought the first one in the store. Crazy!

  11. My 8 month old daughter is in love with her "Bunnies By The Bay" bunny/blanket thing. She totally sucks on his ears and it is so gross. I have to wash it all the time. I need to get another one, but they are $24 each and so far I can't bring myself to spend that. I've tried ebay, too.

  12. Gosh... if only we could tell in advance what our children would choose to drag around for years in advance and stock up!

    My daughter (now 8) has her special "Ginger" a plush Gingerbread man from one of Gymboree's Christmas lines probably 10-ish years ago. Ginger came to us in a box of hand-me-downs when she was an infant and I have no idea how she became so attached.
    Ginger has been through a lot. Our original was lost when she was probably 1 1/2 or so, was able to find one on Ebay for $25... Ginger #2 has been sewn up and doctored a few times since, but he still has a place of honor on her bed.
    The funniest thing ever was my father also developed a fondness for Ginger, and when I lucked out and found a woman on Ebay who contacted me and had not one, but two (!!) Ginger's I offered to pay top dollar for both. Now Grandpa has his own Ginger named Lamont (?) and I have a new condition Ginger packed away that my daughter has no knowledge of and I plan on saving that either for a gift when she graduates High School or has a baby of her own :)

  13. My daughter has a frog "thumbie" blanket from Pottery Barn Kids that she got when she was 9 months old. She is now 5 1/2. I happened into the store a few years ago to ask about buying a replacement "just in case" and found out they were being discontinued. I purchased the last two in the store. As the years go on I am less concerned with losing one, but she definitely has a preference for 1 out of the 3!
    My son (3) has multiple lovies, all without a replacement. A "skip-it" buddy blanket from Bunnies by the Bay, a bear/rattle/blanket combo from The First Years and a puppy that I think is from Little Me. However, his have never been allowed to the leave the house for that reason! I did buy a gymboree plush as an extra just in case it turned into his lovey, but I didn't get that lucky!

  14. My 4yr has a blanket my mom knit her the she calls her "finger blankie". Her first one she would put her fingers through the holes and then shove as much of the blanket as she could in her mouth. Never understood that. Then she found scissors and cut it all up so we had to re tie everything. Then my ex-husband got upset at her a burned it, (don't worry, she hasn't and will never go back and it's been 3 years.) My mom then went right to work and mad her a replacement it took her a bit she cried for her other alot, but shortly she was doing the same with it! It is so disgusting but she loves it!

  15. My 3yo loves her Gund Elmo lovey. We've had him for about 2 years now and she can't sleep without him, goes everywhere with him, and he is in a lot of family photos (so definitely like another member of the family). I think it would be fairly easy to find a replacement for him although he wouldn't look as well-loved (her Elmo is missing most of his eyeballs and looks like he has a mustache despite repeat washes). She's also attached to this terry cloth outfit I got from Old Navy. She never actually wore it as clothes - instead, she opened up her drawers one day shortly after turning 1 and decided that she like the feel of those clothes and ever since then, the "pants" and "jacket" have been a lovey staple along with Elmo. It's almost embarrassing when we're out in public and she's sucking her thumb and holding a pair of pants to comfort herself, but whatever works. I can only pray we don't lose this outfit since I'm not sure if we could find it again (we once left it at school and I thought she wouldn't sleep that night).

    One question - should it be a name-brand stuffed animal like TY or Gund or my favorite Aurora (my daughter's name) so that it's more searchable on eBay?

  16. Jen,

    Is this the lovey you are looking for?

  17. I got it good with my kids! Both of them have lovies that I made and can easily remake if needed. My 4 year old son has le-le's (any small fleece blanket with tabs cut in the edges) and has at least 10 of them with different classifications. Some are for snuggling and wrapping behind his neck while going to sleep, some have healing powers if wrapped around owies, some are "car le-le's" and others are just good to have around. :) My 2 year old daughter has 2 la-la's which are store bought lovey size squares of flannel with satin edges that matched her nursery. She figured out I made a back up and now has to have both of them at all times and won't go ANYWHERE without at least one (if we are sneaky!). I'm so thankful that I still have a ton of this fabric just in case! :)

    I remember growing up, I received a Snuggle bear for a gift that my brother took over. I tried to steal it back many times, but "April" was just his. These chubby bears start out with fluffy sheep fleece like cream colored fur with plastic eyes and nose. My brother still has it packed away somewhere (he's 26), but poor April has barely any fur left...more of the base fabric is showing now...and is about 1/2 inch thick and my mom had to embroider eyes and nose on it several times. I had my handmade blanket that my mom ended up having to throw out since the threads were literally falling apart.

    I wish as adults it would be that easy to make ourselves feel comfortable and secure with something so simple! :) Jesus and snuggling with my kiddos do that for me now! :)

  18. Thanks so much for your comments, everyone! They made my weekend, truly. I smiled so many times and even cried once!

    Anonymous, the bunny you found is ALMOST the same but the colors are different. That is what is so frustrating. There are a bunch of bunnies but none look like our sleepy bunny. Picture to come soon of ours so you all can be on the lookout! Thanks for looking for me :-).

  19. Thanks for posting this! My mom gave me Plopper and the big and small Dangles (monkey) for my girls. They were my younger sister's. They aren't super fond of them, so maybe we will sell them! :)

  20. Having a back up is such a super idea! I still remember losing my lovie- a little lambie- while at an open house. My parents searched all over for it to no avail, and I was distraught for a long time!


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