Monday, July 11, 2011

Insider Secret: Sell This

Throughout the week I will try to bring you Insider Secret:  Sell This posts.  These will be things I always buy and are reliable money makers.  So here's your first Insider Secret:  Sell This!

Scooby Doo figures of any kind.  These are the bendy ones, but the jointed ones are much better.  Try and get the mystery machine too, and you've got yourself a winner!


  1. Is the toy in the plastic a McDonalds toy? Do those actually sell?

  2. The McDonald's toy came with the figures in a bag (all that stuff was in a bag I bought for a dollar) so I just put it all together. Those kinds of things rarely sell on their own, but that is a good question!

  3. thanks so much for these tips!

  4. Your ebay tips are an answer to prayer for someone trying to acquire money to pay off a debt. Thank you so much for all these Jen! I think we might have some Scooby stuff laying around the house. We are Scooby fans!

    Love always,

  5. I just cleaned out the boys toy box and claimed 2 sets of these guys! What a timely post :9)

  6. I just bought a set of these at a yard sale. They are in not so great condition, which I stated in my listing and I've already had a lot of interest in them! I wouldn't have known to pick them up without your blog! Thanks!


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