Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday's Ebay Secret: You Can Be a Lazy, Procrastinating Ebay Mommy

Our girls are horse lovers.  Last Saturday I was back from the sales in time to take my #2 to a horse party!

You seemed to enjoy last Friday's post that shared a little about how I only list on ebay once a month.  Today I want to tell you that I am the laziest, most procrastinating-ist ebay mommy out there.  Which means if you are a lazy, procrastinating type mommy like me ebay might just be for you.  As I write my thoughts in the blog posts to come in the near future, you'll see just how truly lazy and procrastinating I really am!

You might think that if you list something on ebay, you HAVE TO ship it out the next day to keep up good feedback and to keep your customers happy.  I'm here to say that's just not true.  In fact, on my listings I specifically state that I will ship within 5 business days of a cleared payment.  Now, I usually end my listings on Thursday nights (this week was different because we are leaving soon for vacation).  If I end my listing on a Thursday night, I actually have until Wednesday night of the next week to ship the package and keep ebay and my customers happy.  And you know what?  Sometimes I take that 5 full business days to ship, because my family comes first and I'm a serious procrastinator.  Usually though, I have most of my items ready to go by that Monday morning.  But I NEVER put pressure on myself to mail a package out right away.  I keep my 5 business day promise and that just has to be good enough.  And you know what? I've never gotten a negative feedback.

So relax.  Be lazy.  Procrastinate.  It's gonna be just fine.

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  1. I agree that you do not need to ship in 1 day to get positive feedback; however, there are advantages. How about 20% off my listing/selling fees? I do have to offer 14-day money back guarantee (never had a return in over 2 years) and 1-day shipping to qualify. This is a great savings. Of course, ebay is always changing their policies and starting November 1, 2014, sellers will need to offer returns on sales all the way thru January 31st of 2015. I'm not happy with this but if that's what it takes to save 20%, I'll do it. By the way, I just found your blog and love it! Also, shared it with a friend who sells on ebay. Your family is darling!


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