Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Finals: Closed Auctions...How Did I Do?

Okay ya'll, let's hear it for My Boo. Three cheers for Boo!  Yay Boo!  Oh how I love you and your cute babbling noises...and apparently 40 watchers did too!  Paid:  $6.  Sold for:  $102.50.  *Happy Dance*  Buyer has already paid = *Even Happier Dance*


Fisher Price Snap n' Style Dolls lot:  Paid $7, sold for $35
Little Einsteins Singing Doll Lot of all 4:  Paid $6, sold for $49.99 at fixed auction
Wiggles figures plus house and big red car for them:  Paid: $7, sold for $64.99 at fixed price auction
Fisher Price Loving Family Dollhouse items:
  • Sweet Sounds Dollhouse sold for $22.99 (fixed price)
  • Camper/RV not complete sold for $24.99
  • Furniture lot sold for $43
  • Camping Tent sold for $24.99 (fixed price)
  • Camping Family sold for $15
  • Grandma and Grandpa sold for $16
  • Mom sold for $10
  • Pink VW bug sold for $12.99 (fixed price)
  • Dollhouse people sold for $15
Total end sales on my loving family stuff:  $185.  My investment:  $41
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:  Paid $5, sold for $46
Blues Clues School House and Little Yellow House:  Paid $8.  Sold to same buyer for $54


Little Einsteins Transform and Go Rocket Ship (different from the pat pat rocket):  Paid $4, Sold for $10 (What???  Next time either fixed price or I'll wait for Christmas, because I have 4 of these!!)
Fisher Price A to Z Learning Zoo:  Paid $10, sold for $20  (again, say what??? None of them have closed this low, and my set was complete with extras!!  Ugh!!)
Blues Clues Toy Lot:  Paid$10, sold for $20 (my last Blues Clues toy lot sold for almost $50, so it must depend on which toys you have).
Scooby Doo van and people:  Paid $10, sold for $19 (are you kidding me?  maybe it was because I was missing Daphne, and she is the hot one after all!)

There you have it.  The good, bad, and the ugly.  Some of my fixed price items didn't sell, but that's okay, I'll relist them auction style next week.

Did you list anything this week?  What was your best seller?  Worst?


  1. Amazing! I watched your listings last night and got so excited for you as the Boo bids kept rising and rising! Well done!

  2. Girl, you amaze me! I'm so inspired to start buying for the resell factor. It's awesome!

  3. Wow that's awesome! Congrats, especially on the talking Boo doll!

  4. That Boo sale is just awesome, congrats on a pretty successful group of listings. Glad you did well.

  5. Thanks to you I listed a Jansport backpack and it's already at $10! Great tip and perfect timing for back to school!

  6. Awesome sales! My best sales were a Backyardigans Bobblin Big Top play set (paid $8, sold for $26 + $12 shipping) I thought it would go for more since there were a ton of watchers, but it ended mid-afternoon...poor planning on my part. Also a pair of $3.00 Abercrombie yard sale jeans that sold for $23.50 (granted, they sold on Weds and the buyer hasn't paid yet...) I'm telling you people, men's/boy's clothing is where it's at!

    My biggest surprise was a brand new Playmobil Dragon Rock set that I picked up for $5.00 thinking it was a great score. No one really even looked at it! I actually changed it from an auction format to a BIN for $17.99...we'll see.

  7. Wow! Great job. I know it is a lot of work, but you turned a relatively small investment into a lot of money. Way to go. I'm learning so much from your blog.

  8. Great job Jen. I had a few end last night. My best were individual cloth diapers. One sold for $16.50 and the other for a similar amount. The low was a collectable Barbie that did not sell and two Mini Boden Pieces that had tons of watchers but no bidders. I'll give them another try next week and if they do not move off to fixed price they go. Oddly I have found that sometimes actually raising the starting price helps to sell it the second time around. This week I'm doing more toys and less clothing.
    I've got lots and lots of Little People stuff to list. Some is very cool vintage stuff and others are the newer stuff. I know they may a nice profit when listed individually or as small sets but uggg....the work.
    Best of luck to all you sellers ( and buyers).

  9. Great sales. You did awesome..even with your "low" sales. My high this week was a homeschooling book. I paid $1.00, it sold for $75. My low was some old school my little ponies. My low was a Coldwater Creek dress. It sold for less then $10, but I still made some money and it was a relist, so I'm glad its gone.

  10. You have inspired me to try this out. I left my house at 6:30 this morning, spent sixteen dollars on a Wiggle guitar, Disney Princess Pretend Cd player, Barbie backpack, Barbie Sing with Me Boombox thing, and a Vtech laptop. Well, once I got home and everything unloaded, my two kids were already playing with the Wiggle guitar and the laptop so I'm going to have to wait to list those but the rest are up and listed. I guess we'll see how it goes. Either which way, I have had fun doing it and if anything, my kids got some really cool toys to play with.

  11. So do you guys ever buy things at goodwill? What is your success rate with that? I found some Sweet Streets doll houses and such at good will and bought them for 1.99 each. I really need to start bringing in some extra income as I just had a baby a few weeks ago but I am nervous to start.

  12. I don't find good things at my goodwill, only every once in a great while. We have some other thrift stores that would be good but they are just too far of a drive.

    I love to hear your successes, I am learning a TON from all of you. Thanks so much!

    Megan--I have seen that Backyardigans thing but have passed it up multiple times. Not anymore, thanks!


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