Thursday, July 7, 2011

Favorite Yard Sale Finds: Beach Edition

Last week's yard sale finds (you can see what I bought here) were great, but there were a couple of things that didn't even make it into the picture!  One of my favorite finds for the week was something for my daughter.  Here's how great God is:  I was at Target on Friday, considering buying an extra suit for the girls for the beach, but decided against it because I was feeling super cheap.  So what do I find on Saturday morning?  This Land's End bathing suit, just our size.  It is adorable, and is in perfect condition.  I love the ruffles and the sweet blue color.

It even held up after lots of moments like this:

How much did I pay?  Fifty cents.

My second favorite find of the week were a pair of Fur-real pet puppies.  I paid a total of $1 for both--perfect!  One for each girl.  As soon as we got them home, the girls whisked them away and made little shoebox beds for them.  The batteries still worked and the puppies snoozed and cried and yelped.

Little did I know that two little puppies was not so perfect.  Apparently, I need 3 of everything now!  Charlotte fell in love with the furry friends, and has not put one down since.  The big girls were sad to part with one, but what baby wants, baby gets.

Do you have a favorite yard sale or thrift store find to share this week?


  1. Awww, I love that line about whatever baby wants, baby gets. Too funny. The bathing suit is really pretty.

  2. I bought these beautiful vintage pitchers! I smiled all day! And, using your tips, I bought a few things to ebay. We'll see how that goes. thanks for the informative posts.

  3. I think my all time great price, I can use now and resell for lots later was a in the box, still wrapped in the paper basically brand new $2 Ergo (baby carrier).

    Just this weekend I purchased this all at just one garage sale:
    footy PJ's for my son (he has been begging for a pair) .25 cents.
    new package of clothes pins (I needed some for a new clothes line) .25 cents
    BRAND NEW 39 piece kid cupcake set (not available any more online). My son is in LOVE with it. .50 cents
    Madeline felt set .50 cents
    BRAND NEW in the package fuzz buster (wanted one of these for years, but to cheap to buy one) .25 cents

    My Husband started us on casual garage saleing a few years ago. Great deals. I've sold stuff on ebay, but not from any GS finds. Now I have my eyes opened!

    Great blog, wonderful information and awesome pictures!! Thanks!!

  4. Aw that bathing suit is too cute! God is good! I'm taking your ebay methods and trying them out. I'm praying I do good. The completed listings really help to put pricing in perspective.

    Love your blog! Keep up the good work!

    Love always,

  5. Love the ruffles on the bathing suit! My favorite yard sale find of the week would have been my $3.00 dollar Liz Claiborne dress. I love the dresses that have a ribbon to tie a bow in the front, but like you I am too cheap to buy them new:) I was beyond happy about my purchase, and the dress had its first outing to church on Sunday:)

  6. Good finds, everyone! And I love all of the encouragement!

  7. You do take beautiful photos and I wanted to say thank you for reminding me that God helps us to find what we need, even if it's in the smallest ways. I lost my job almost three years ago and unemployment just ran out, so finding things to sell on ebay has been helping us make ends meet. Thank you for reminding me that God IS watching, as I sometimes forget.

  8. Thank you, Carrie. It is so I have said before, I am grateful to God every Saturday morning if I find even one thing that I need or to sell!

  9. Here are the treasures I accidentally found tonight after prenatal yoga! :)


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