Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Don't Go ANYWHERE. I will be there soon.

So we aren't allowed to "preshop" while setting out our things but I could help but notice some things as I passed by the long tables of toys.  I'm telling myself they probably won't be there when I come for them so I am not dissapointed if they get snatched up before I can get there.

Can you say dollhouses?

I can't wait to grab a few of these!

The blues clues house is a quick $40 if it stays around long enough for me to get it.

Not planning to buy any of this, but I love seeing the cozy coupes lined up!

Do any of you volunteer at consignment sales so you can shop first?


  1. I don't do consignment sales, but I do particpate in kid sales where you set up your own booth. We always shop while setting up and I've scored some good deals to keep and to sale.

  2. Thrifty Chick PicksJuly 13, 2011 at 5:14 PM

    Yes, I do volunteer so I can shop early at a consignment sale. It is very worth it!! That is where I bought 4 Little Einstein Rockets, with all the people, for a total of 28.00. Sold one for 90, 1 for 80, and 2 for 75. I was excited!! Can't wait to see what you scored!!

  3. Does anybody buy for Christmas? I know these are re-owned toys but didn't know what you all thought about it. Let me know plz.

  4. Absolutely I buy for Christmas! Perfect for the "santa" gifts that we would take out of the package anyways, so they have no idea anything is even "used".

  5. Thrifty Chick PicksJuly 13, 2011 at 8:25 PM

    Yes, I buy for Christmas!! Especially for my 3 year old. My boys are getting harder to find for, 8 and 7.

  6. I buy for Christmas too! A lot of what my girls get is either gently used or still in the box yard sale/consignment sale purchases.

  7. Oh No! I just passed up that little Blue's house! UGH. Now I have to go back and see if it's still there...

  8. Oh. My. Word. I have consignment sale envy. Your sale blows my local sales out of the WATER! What a blast.

  9. Just found this blog, I'm loving it! I consign at LAA, Little's Angels Attic, which looks a lot like what this consignment is! I make tons of money plus we get to shop early if we volunteer, I love it. And me and my mom shop 2nd hand for goodies from Santa :)


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