Monday, July 18, 2011

Consignment Sale or Ebay? How do you decide?

Many of you have asked me what things I decide to consign at a kid consignment sale instead of selling on ebay.  Here is a list of what I choose to consign over doing an online auction:
  • My girls' clothes.  By the time we are finished with an article of clothing, it has really been through the wringer.  With three girls, our clothes get used at least by two kids!  Plus many of my children's clothes come from a yard sale, so they have been worn by someone else's kids on top of mine.  I feel it is only worth your time to eBay unique, boutique, or specialty clothes.
  • DVDs I buy at yard sales for $.50 or $1 each.  Some Disney classics I do eBay, but for not-as-popular movies or TV show episodes I sell them on consignment and ask $4-$8 per DVD.
  • Things I don't feel like shipping, like some big dollhouses (remember I like to sell the people and the furniture separately?) or big plastic toys.  There are MANY toys I buy simply to sell off the accessories, pieces, or parts, so what do you do with the big structure they came with?  Sell on consignment.  It WILL sell, even if it doesn't have any of the pieces!
  • My "mistakes."  When God knit me together, he gave me that risk taker gene...which means I'm not afraid of making mistakes.  So I make a lot of them like the Dora Sheets or the Smurfette figurine I just HAD to have.  If I try to sell something and it doesn't sell, I simply tag it at my "happy with" price.  Remember ebayers have to pay shipping which is always at least an extra 5 or 6 bucks.  At a consignment sale, you can ask a bit more than you would on ebay because the buyer is not paying a high shipping price.
  • Baby gear.  Baby gear is just SOOO BIG!!  There are some things I will ship, like nice infant carriers or backpacks or bumbo seat sized things, but for the most part, if I run across a baby deal and feel like storing it until a sale, I consign it.
Stay tuned this week for more information on how you can make money by buying things at yard sales to resell at kid consignment sales (you don't need eBay for this one!).


  1. someone was asking if you still had the dora the explorer sheets.

  2. I really enjoy reading your posts. They are always so informative. You really having me thinking about selling at the next consignment sale.

  3. I'm enjoying reading your posts. I know majority of you shop at yard sales and the consignment sales. Do any of you shop at your local kids consignment stores? Also, what is your ebay seller info? I would love to look at your site since I am new to this. Thanks a bunch all!

  4. Thanks for the tip on those DVD's. Trying to sell them on eBay doesn't work to well for me either.

  5. Have I mentioned I love your blog :) Thank you so much for sharing all your great tips and wealth of knowledge!!!

  6. I have been selling my kids name brand clothes on eBay for about 6 years now. I agree only the name brands (Gymboree, Gap, Hanna Andersson, Mini Boden, etc) are worth selling and they must be in excellent used condition to be worth your time. If I am unsure of the condition I always bring to the consignment shop because them people can judge for themselves. But if they are too worn I usually just donate them or give away to friends.

    FYI a few years ago I was really into selling vintage playpens. I bought one from the goodwill for $10 and it ended up selling for $350 on eBay. It was a pain to ship and cost the buyer another $50 to ship but it was worth it. I did stop selling them because I did not have the time to search or ship but something to think about as you are on your treasure hunts :)

  7. I agree! I have found my magic formula. I sell my kids clothes and odds and ends at consignment. I sell my big baby stuff, iPhone, etc on Craigslist (I always get top dollar). An then I sell the more sought after collectables and unusual items on EBay.

  8. Jen - do you still have Smurfette? I wonder if she might sell better at the end of the month, with the new movie coming out.


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