Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What to sell Wednesday: Vintage Toys and Such

I love the toys from my childhood, especially the ones made by Fisher Price.  I had the old barn and the animals, the brown family house, the Sesame Street town home, the record player with records, and the list goes on and on.  Maybe like some of you, these old toys were lost, forgotten, sold at yard sales, somehow lost along the way.

Out of all my childhood toys, the little people are my favorite.  I think they are Charlotte's, too.  These are a rare find at a yard sale, but I do pick up a piece from time to time.  They are also an excellent sell on ebay.  They just don't make them like this anymore, literally.  If you find a set or even a little piece, pick it up!

Charlotte's little sweater was a Goodwill find out of the $1.39 bin.  Hand crocheted, meant to be a family heirloom but now I own it.  Now it will be Charlotte's heirloom.  The vintage 1972 Happy Apple was a fun little surprise in a play kitchen I bought for her at a church yard sale.  If I were to sell it, I could recoup the cost of that kitchen and then some.  So I just might do that.

People like you and me are always trying to buy back their childhood memories.  If you find something that triggers yours, make sure you buy it.  If you could buy something back from your childhood, what would it be?


  1. I remember that apple!! I have the ferris wheel, merry go round, airplane, and a few other vintage FB stuff too:)

  2. I loved my Strawberry Shortcakes. I would LOVE to have the original dolls now.

  3. I am obsessed with the toys from my childhood. And like you... especially the Fisher Price ones! My mom (thankfully) saved all of my Fisher Price Fun with Food play food. It's my daughters favorite food to play with. They just don't make toys like that any more! I told my mom she could make a fortune on ebay selling the food once the grandchildren are done playing with it!

  4. Thanks to this darling post - I almost had a heart attack in the Goodwill when this was for sale for .99. Mine didn't sell for $39.99 - but $15.99 isn't bad either. You are the best!!!!



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