Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What to sell Wednesday: Polly Pockets Anyone?

Polly Pockets have been out for a long time.  Now we have dressable pollys with plastic clothes, and princess pollys, even prince pollys.  In the late 80's/early 90's, however, Polly Pockets were tiny little hard plastic dolls with a body that bent at the waist.  They were made by Bluebird and looked like this:

And they came in little houses and compacts that looked like this:

You couldn't dress them, but they sure could entertain you for hours.  My oldest LOVES these vintage Polly Pockets.  She gets lost in a little Polly world and all is well.

So...if you see these old Polly Pockets at a yard might want to buy them!  Check out the closing auctions for these!  And look how much just the little Polly dolls sell for without the houses!

Did you play with these Polly Pockets when you were growing up?  Which ones did you have, or which were your favorite?


  1. How do you know if it's a true Polly Pocket or some other kind of figure? Do they have markings? If so, where? I come across so many little figures at thrift stores and I never know exactly what they are, unless of course I had them when I was little :)

    Same holds true for the Fisher-Price Loving Family things, and the Dora dollhouse vs. castle...

  2. Some of the polly pockets that have magnets were recalled.

  3. None of these Polly Pockets have the magnets. They are pre-magnetized :-).

  4. I used to love this style of polly pocket dolls when i was a kid! I only had two of the compacts though, $9 bucks was a fortune when you're 7. :)

  5. Hey, there is a doll at the bottom on the right with blonde hair and a turquoise dress... that's not a Polly Pocket, but I have been trying for DAYS to figure out what those things are called!!! It has a small hole in the back that you could snap her onto pieces of jewelry, right? I used to have a ton of them and I can't for the LIFE of me remember what they are called... Help? :)

  6. I'm wondering the exact same thing!


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