Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What to sell Wednesday: Legos, Legos, and more Legos!

We have quite an extensive duplo collection that we keep on our porch.  When we had the cousins over, the kids built a "city" and wanted me to take a picture!

Brick by brick, Legos have been entertaining kids for years.  Inspiring creativity?  Check.  Helping kids to follow directions?  Check.  Keeping kids quiet for hours up in their room?  Check.  Legos are the one thing that can get kids off of the computer and away from the DVDs.  Well, my kids anyway.  They are also the one toy parents love to play with as much as their kids.

Whether your kids are into Star Wars Legos or pink girlie legos, they are worth their weight in gold.  Literally.  Legos (and duplos for that matter) are something that I nearly always buy when I find them at yard sales.  Now, they are hard to find, but at the same time they are findable, if that is a word!

It's not surprising, then, that the character legos (Star Wars, Toy Story, Harry Potter, Spongebob, etc.) bring a nice ebay profit.  Kids love these, collect them, and once they retire, you can't buy them in the store.  I buy them even if I have to pay 20 bucks for a big bucket.  It's worth it.

People also sell the smaller lego bricks by the pound.  Literally they just dump them all on the floor and list it by weight.  You would be surprised at the ebay results!

Bottom line:  Don't be afraid to pay a little more for legos at a yard sale.  The return on your investment can be pretty awesome!


  1. Saw your postings at Money Saving Mom about buying kids clothing at yard sales and had to check out your blog. You've made some great finds! I'm in Raleigh too!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  2. Sweet! Jeff's legos can serve as our retirement fund. Problem is...without his legos, retirement may not be any fun for him. :-)

  3. I have to share my excitement with someone, and so you're the lucky recipient! lol I bought my very first ever Janie & Jack clothing item. It's a size 6 girl's long-sleeve button-up shirt. For $1.99 at Goodwill! In that same trip, I bought my first-ever (well, first unstained, so it still counts, right?) Hanna Andersson item. Size 5 girl's dress. $1.99 as well. Yay!

  4. Yay! Doesn't it make you want to go there, like, every day? I'm proud of you. I just got my Charlotte girlfriend hooked on Goodwill too. She calls me to tell me what she scores!


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