Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend adventure: Chartreuse and Co.

My parents live in a town that hasn't changed much in the last 150 years.  Pretty farms and antebellum houses line the main road through town and other than a private school and a convenience store, things in their town of Buckeystown, MD. still look the same as they did back in 1865.

For the last couple of years, a big ol' brick house literally down the street from my mom and dad has hosted monthly "tag sales" in the old barn behind their house.  I have never visited these "tag sales" when in town because I always thought I was more of a yard sale girl than a tag sale girl.  Oh, I was sorely mistaken.

Before we reached the entrance of the sale, there was a yard full of furniture for sale.  Fun but higher than yard sale prices, so we walked on.

Fun green frames on the entrance.  Getting ready to enter Chartreuse and Co.

This "tag sale" was totally fun and made me want to redecorate my house!  The prices were not dirt cheap, but all of the furniture had been painted and reupholstered.  It was all so beautiful.  I loved this little conversation table in green and pink.

The barn was full of little sections filled full of treasures from different vendors.  Each vendor had their own decorating style and sense.  I loved seeing all of the uniquely designed rooms with vintage restyling and repurpose.  The room below was very Mad Men to me, with an awesome velvet green sofa and fun high ball glass sets.

I was very tempted to buy the aqua dresser below.  It was less than $200, had so much character and was less than any furniture store!  I'm inspired to maybe buy more furniture from yard sales and see what I can do with it.

I LOVED this child size roll top desk.  If you've been reading this blog, you know we love American Girl Books and Dolls.  This desk is exactly like Kit's desk!

Loved all the signs and this mommy desk.  It would be perfect for my laptop.  Love the Ballard Designs feel of all the furniture.

This was a very fun experience and I feel very inspired to look for more old furniture at yard sales.  I won't turn my nose up at a tag sale again!

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