Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday's Ebay Selling Tip: Getting Your Shipping Supplies Ready

Maybe by now you are starting to think about putting something up on ebay.  You've done your research, you've got a plan for what you are selling, and you are pumped and ready. It's important to think about the shipping of your item before you list it for sale.  Ask yourself two questions:

  1. Is this item too big to easily ship?
  2. Do I have a box to fit this item?
Some items are too big to ship via the US Postal Service.  There are ways to ship big items, but if you are just starting out, stick to something small.  You'll need packaging tape (I buy a generic brand sold at Home Depot, it's cheaper and works great), and boxes.  There are several ways to get boxes for free:
  1. Order them for free from the US Postal Service.  They'll even ship them to you for free. You can even order Priority Mail packaging tape for free!
  2. Ask your local stores if they have boxes they don't need.  I've gotten boxes from Chic-Fil-A, Sam's Club, the Auto Parts store, etc.  Every store has boxes they don't need.  They would be happy to give them to you.
  3. Get them out of your neighbor's recycling bin.  I do this all the time!
Did you know once you sell your item and package it up, the mailman will pick it up from your doorstep for free?  You never have to leave the house.  It's true.  How great is that?  You can even have your Mr. McFeely pick up international packages.  It seriously couldn't be easier.

Any questions, class?


  1. How does the mailman pick up work as far as shipping prices? Can they weigh the packages and print shipping labels?

  2. Do keep writing your blog!
    It's great!

    Can you tell us about how you set shipping costs for your items on Ebay?

  3. Both great questions!

    Once someone pays for an item, I print a shipping label for it in literally two clicks of a mouse. Ebay and Paypal are already set up to do this. Once it prints out, I tape it to my box and it is ready to go.

    Before I list my item, I box it up and weigh the box. Then, on my listing, I enter in the weight in the shipping category, and ebay automatically tells the perspective buyer what it will cost to ship it to them. This way I never lose money by charging too little for shipping.

    Maybe next week I'll do a post about this! Thanks and keep the questions coming!

  4. Just saying HELLO! I stumbled upon your blog and got so excited because you remind me so much of myself (we're a rare breed). Love your blog! I have one too, http://savvysaversecrets.blogspot.com/

  5. The pick up service works well if you print prepaid shipping labels from PayPal or other online postage service. If you package weighs over 13 ounces and has only stamps for postage, you have to take it to the post office.

  6. Yes, this is true. But you can print first class labels through paypal too, which is super easy. It is so nice to never have to go to the post office!

  7. What do you find best to pack your items with? Newspaper? THose annoying peanuts? How do you try to not add weight when packing for safety? Thanks! Love to pop in here! armydairymom at yahoo dot com

  8. I am excited to try, but the shipping "how-to" is overwhelming me. Do you recommend using flat rate shipping from the post office? Should I buy a scale before I do anything else? I have a small food scale, will that work?

    What is a cost effective way to begin?

    Thanks! I am new to your blog and am mesmerized! LOL!


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