Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thriftin' on Thursday: Abandoned Pretty Punch Cups find a Party!

I get so excited by your comments when I hear you scored big at the yard sales and thrift stores!  It literally makes me want to wake the baby up and take a trip to the GW Boutique (remember, that's Goodwill Boutique).  If you can look past all of the discarded faux floral arrangements and picture frames, you can find some real gems. 

Just like my friend Laura over at The Bea Hive did.  Here's her Thriftin' on Thursday testimonial!

First, let me say that I am not a yard sale mommy.  I am, however, intrigued by the Yard Sale Mommy and love seeing all the great treasures she finds.  And speaking of treasures, I had my own great find this week, thanks to a little inspiration from the YSM.  

Around here, we do the big birthday party for our kids every other year.  You know the kind - the giant inflatables, the bowling ally, the cooking class, the indoor playground, the horse farm, the swimming pool, the paint your own pottery... Yep, we've done all those and loved every minute of it.  But this year is a small-party-at-home kind of year.  Since I have two June babies, we decided to have a little combined party, and the girls voted on "fancy tea party." Perfect!  I'm picturing a handful of little girls, white table cloths (which I have), little fancy china bowls (have that), tiny silver forks (check!), cupcake towers and cupcake shaped tea pots (got it, got it), crystal and silver platters (yep - have those), etc.  This little party should be a snap to pull together.  But as I started piling up all the tableware and linens on the dining room table, I realized I was missing the most critical element.  I had no acceptable teacups!  Strike that. I have very lovely china teacups that are part of my wedding china, but I'm not quite willing to turn those over to the little girls yet.  Thus began my search for little pretty clear plastic disposable punch cups.  I can picture them in my head.  

The party stores do not have them.  The big box stores don't have them.  The arts and crafts stores don't have them.  My daughter reluctantly agreed to hot pink plastic stemware as an acceptable alternative, but I wasn't very excited about that.  Then yesterday I was emailing back and forth with the YSM, and I had a moment of inspiration. 

I armed myself with a fistful of $1s, picked up the little one from preschool, and headed in to my neighborhood Goodwill Store.  I made a beeline for the back wall, and within minutes I spotted a sweet little set of 12 glass punch cups resting on the top shelf.  Each glass was marked 69 cents.  Since I only needed 8, for less than $6 I walked out with a perfect little set of tea cups, and I will have them for many tea parties to come.  I gave them a nice soapy soak, shined them up, and placed them on the table with the little square Paris cafe themed plates I picked up cheap at Home Goods.  It was a match made in sweet deal heaven.  The price tag made the search worthwhile, but the beaming face of my soon-to-be 7 year old when she got home from school made it even more so!  I would never have though that the Goodwill shop could be a source to fancy up a little girl's party, but never say never!

You can read more about Laura and her sweet family over at her blog, The Bea Hive
.  While you are there, check out more of her amazing photos, she's an excellent photo


  1. For my 16th birthday (just a few years ago!) I had a tea party. There was only six of us and it was very low key, but it was the best party I've ever had. We still talk about it today!
    I went to the GW Boutique too to pick up pastel colored tea pots, plates, bowls, and accessories to match the tea cup set I already had.

    Every girl must have a tea party birthday at least once!!


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