Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sound of Music Inspired...Favorite Yard Sale Find of the week!

If you ask my first born what she would rename herself if she could, and she would tell you Liesel.  Or Brigita.  Or Marta for that matter.  Which is why when I saw these two characters

I knew I needed to buy them.  How much?  2 for $3.  Sold!

These were the hit of Saturday morning.  They walked up and down the stairs, they took on many voices and names, and they entertained one bald little baby until she had to go down for a nap.

I sang "High on a hill was a lonely goatherd" all weekend.  Sometimes you find things at yard sales you don't necessarily need, or even know if you can resell, but are worth $3 to bring a morning of joy to your sweeties.  Especially your sweeties who love The Sound of Music.

Of course, when the fluffy bird friends have lost their sparkle, they'll go up on the auction block.  I hope to sell them for $20-$30 for the pair.

Are you planning your weekend yard sailing trip yet?

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  1. You know I really love the quality of your pictures. What kind of camera do you use? I would have loved the marionette puppets when I was a kid, they are SO cute!

  2. Question for you, do you have a separate account for your yardsale/ebay transactions?

    I have my regular checking linked to paypal but wondering if you think it worthwhile to have them separate if you are regular seller?

  3. We love Sound of Music, too!! Your little "bald" baby is adorable:)

  4. Great Questions!
    Let's talk cameras first. I love talking cameras. I have a Nikon D60 DSLR. At this point, it's an old out-dated model, but it works just fine for me. I have a fixed 35 mm lens on it with a low aperature of 1.8. This is key. I love this lens and that's how I get the kind of pictures I want.

    I don't have a separate account for yard sale stuff. My husband just keeps track of it all for me! Though that might be a good idea...

  5. I love those puppets! I had one that I bought from a Salvation Army store...this was about ten years ago, when I was 13...and he was blue, and looked a lot like the puppet on the left in your photo. I named him Ernie/Erin (depending on what gender I felt like making him that day!). I brought him with me when I would babysit, and would play with my younger siblings with the puppet as well. I seriously LOVE all kinds of puppets.

  6. Love your blog! You are a great photographer and have cute kids too! I live in central MS where there are NO good garage sales. Lots of true junk that is way overpriced!!!! Looks like that is not your case... Any advice for finding good deals????

  7. Hey Jen!
    You know Sarah Meredith pretends she is Gretel! She makes me be Liesel and carry her upstairs to bed just like in the movie. She has also tied strings onto her stuffed animals to try and recreate the puppet show. Hey, I wonder why I never run into you at a Goodwill. You know I frequent there often.

  8. Hi Natalie! Can you make a road trip? (he he) I would say go visit a friend or family member who lives in a great suburbia during yard sale peak season. To be honest, I do travel 5 hrs to MD and visit family when there are some huge major ones going on. And of course I drag them with me.

  9. Hi Emily!
    That is so cute about Sarah Meredith! You know, I did buy another marionette (a horse) last weekend. The girls are not interested in it at all, you are welcome to it for SM if you want it! Just let me know! PS, I have been checking out your blog and I love your pictures!

  10. Jen,
    I'll absolutely take that puppet! What a surprise it will be for Sarah. Do you want me to come pick it up?

  11. Great Emily! You can come pick it up. Why don't you email me? I could also give it to Laura H. and get it closer to you. Just let me know.

  12. love these! and I am a big fan of the Sound of Music too!


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