Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday's Yard Sale Spoils: Maryland Edition

It was a crazy weekend of late-night traveling and stop-and-go traffic as we headed up to Maryland to see family.  We had a new little nephew born this week and we wanted to come see him and his mama and daddy.  After getting into town at 2am Saturday morning, believe it or not, at 6am I was up and at 'em ready for the rummage sale down the street.  Nothing gets me more excited than a big truck with a yard sale sign 30 ft. in the air.

I began to take pictures of some things I found "interesting," forgetting that I vowed to buy anything that was worthy of a picture!  Well, almost anything.  So this box of super 70's plastic dishes caused me to make a return trip and for $1 I bought all the vintage tupperware out of it.  I used to love those tall tupperware cups when I was growing up, though we had the pretty pastel ones and not the yellowish ones I bought.  6 cups, bowls, and a vintage tupperware coaster set was $1 total.

The next interesting find I did NOT buy was this "interesting" table.  It caught my eye immediately:
Someone spent a lot of time on this pretty lady.

I also was fascinated with this Papa Smurf and Smurfette figure.  I couldn't find anything like it on ebay when I looked it up on my phone so I picked them up for $2 for a pair.  It was a risk, but hopefully it will pay off.  Smurfs are pretty collectible!

All in all it was a pretty good morning.  Here are the highlights:
!.  Little Tikes Football Toybox
2.  Little Einsteins Rocket Ship
3.  Blues Clues Chair
4.  Lots of Sesame street books on tape with tapes
5.  Lego Table
6.  Cinderella Castle with cinderella polly pocket dolls
7.  Lots of Leapfrog  books and cartridges
8.  Veggietales pirate ship
9.  My smurfs and vintage tupperware!

How did your yard-sailing morning go?


  1. Way to go! You'd be excited about my finds this weekend too I think but I'm too huge and pregnant to go to the effort to take a pic and blog. ;) FYI - I think my husband might be cursing you just a little because you have given me the "ebay selling bug" again?! I don't need anymore obsessions!!! :) About 5 years ago I sold heavily on ebay, mostly vintage clothing and accessories. I might blog about that just to tell the fun story of how I sold a pair of cowboy boots (paid $30) for $785!!! I love your blog and I love checking in on your scores!!!

  2. As always, you always find great stuff - love the Little Tikes toy box! I had a great day at the sales this past Saturday - here are my finds -

  3. Hi - love your blog and how it has inspired me to rethink yard sales. Thanks for the new-found inspiration (and lovely photographs).


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