Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday's Yard Sale Spoils: Madeline Dolls, More American Girl, Polly Pockets

Well folks...what I lacked today in quantity, let's hope I made up for in quality!  It wasn't a big morning, but I was home early and I picked up a few things that the girls will enjoy until I'm ready to sell them.  Here's the rundown:
The Mini American Girl Cabana set is absolutely adorable, and should be a big seller! My oldest started setting it up immediately and above you see her "creation," though I didn't photograph it well.  As always, I am thankful for even the smallest thing I find to make my girls happy and then to sell!

What about you?  How did you do?  What did you find?  Leave me a comment and tell me!


  1. Well, for $20 I got:
    Spiderman Snow boots, Spiderman board book, Iron Man glossy book, Picture frame, Ratatouille DVD
    Hermie & friends DVD, 2 Pottery Barn Curtain pannels, 1 PB rod with silver airplane ends, Leapster System w/ 4 games and the backpack
    and 3 infant/toddler toys (Vtech, Emlo & leapfrog)

    Pretty good for my 1st time in a LONG time :)

  2. Me, well, for under $20 I got a brand new, unopened Pirates of the Caribbean Lego set, 2 Melissa & Doug wooden peg puzzles, the Fisher-Price Imaginext Pirate Ship + pirate and accessories, a garbage bag full of Loving Family people and furniture, 3 magnetic playsets (dino, pirate and Thomas the Tank) that will be great for our long car trip to NC in August, Monsters, Inc Memory Game, two ride-on/walker infant/toddler toys, Fisher-Price electronic ball pounder, Fisher-Price turtle spinner and the Sesame Street Poppin' Pals. We were out for about three hours and didn't stray too far from home, so not too shabby!

  3. You are so welcome! I am going to start emailing the bloggers I "favor" on Fridays to let them know that I did so. Guess I should've told ya :)! I appreciate your site. Have a great day!

  4. You girls did great! Glad you had success!

  5. I spent 15 on: a calico critters country market set, an old mickey mouse candy tin, a pelican case, a babygate, a small table for my son, a couple holiday decorations, 3 contigo kids water bottles, an authentic Chinese kids dress, a robot- type vacuum and a picture frame.

  6. Came over from Money-Saving Mommy and I'm enjoying your blog! I've been yard-saling since my oldest was a baby--so, 20 years now--and I totally get the thrill of it. In fact, I always say it makes me feel like the Proverbs 31 woman, who "considers a field, and she buys it." "I've been out considering fields," I tell my hubby, and he knows I stopped at a yard sale on my way home!

    This weekend I found shoes for both my youngest, tops for my daughter and shorts for my son, all for 25-50 cents an item. My best find, though, was a multi-colored sundress in the 10-cent box. Couldn't tell why it was so cheap! Each ruffled layer is a different bright color, and after we got it home, she realized that it would be perfect for her costume for a production she's in, of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. So not only was her costume taken care of before I even knew she needed such an item--but it only cost a dime!

    I'm always telling my kids, "Good things come to those who wait"--meaning, if we wait long enough, we'll find it at a yard sale! But this time, God provided in quite the timely fashion!


  7. So inspired by your blog. I have been doing garage sales off and on for about a year now. I am hooked!

    Saturday I spent $9.50 on...
    1 pair of basketball shorts for my son
    1 brand new Chutes and Ladders game
    Scattegories game
    Fiskars Paper Trimmer
    Fiskars BRAND NEW IN PACKAGE Corner Punch
    3 Brand new packages of scrapbook embellishments
    1 12x12 scrapbook plastic case FULL of BAZZILL cardstock
    11 Magic Tree house books in PERFECT condition
    10 Little Golden books
    4 Other childrens chapter books
    The entire series of Spider wick Chronicles Hardback in PERFECT CONDITION
    1 vintage childrens book

  8. You did great, Heidi - the Bazzill alone would've cost a fortune!

  9. Eveyone has such good finds! I love the "considering a field" saying--stealing that one! I'm enjoying reading your comments so much.

  10. Hey Jen,

    Do you ever save up all your the infant toys and list as a lot?

  11. I bought a spongeware bowl for $2, some pink depression glass for .50 each, & some retro drinking glasses for .50 each.


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