Monday, June 13, 2011

Saturday's Yard Sale Spoils: FREE Loving Family Dollhouse, Super Cheap Clothes, and Vintage Books and Puzzles

Another Saturday morning has come and gone....sigh.  I can't wait until next week.

This week wasn't huge, but it was super fun.  Three hours in the car by myself with whatever playlist I was like a vacation.

A few highlights from the morning:

First, free stuff...usually free stuff is not this good!

The dollhouse was broken, so the house with two cars, people, and tons of furniture was all free.  Usually, when I buy a dollhouse, I either donate the house to Goodwill or sell it at a kid consignment sale anyway so I don't have to ship it.  I sell the people, then I sell the furniture, possibly saving out some special pieces to sell by themselves.  Easy to ship and money to be made!

My favorite yard sale of the morning was of a college girl selling many of her childhood things.  I bought these vintage puzzles from her:

The girls will love putting these together, and I like the ebay possibilities.  I paid three for $1.  At the same sale, I bought vintage Disney Storybooks with tapes.  My girls LOVE these and yes, we still have a tape player in our car.  They were 25 cents each.  When we get tired of hearing them over and over and over again, I'll put them up on ebay.

I also bought my usual supply of books, paying no more than 25 cents each.  The girls will read through them, and then off to the auction block they will go once I get a good lot of them ready.

A few special items did  not make it into the picture because they were wisked away for play as soon as I got home.  They deserve a special post of their own later on this week!

You may have noticed the big bag of clothes.  A messy table full of fun colored clothing caught my eye at one particular yard sale, so I decided to stop.  I got excited when I saw that all of the clothes were only 25 cents per item!  Can you say Gymboree, Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, Carters, and Gap for dirt cheap??!! 

I picked up 28 pieces for $7 total.  This included a coat, two puffy vests, several Gymboree knit dresses, nice pj's, two matching hoodie/pants outfits, a super nice white polo sweater, and more.  I especially love this hat:

Charlotte loves hats!  She even loves to eat them.

That's about it.  Of course I bought movies, more books, another pirate ship and these cute Sesame Street puppets.  I just couldn't help myself.

What did you find this week?  Anything you're excited about?


  1. Those red and green vintage puzzles are cute. Love the graphics on those.

  2. Great finds. I love the Bert and Ernie puppets and of course the pirate ship.

    Madison xxx

  3. Gotta love the .25 clothing! I've been to quite a few garage sales this year that have had surprisingly well-priced clothing. In fact, I was even able to pick up some really cute clothing for myself (that actually fits!) for only .25. For every garage sale that has children's clothing (good clothing, that is) for cheap, there are 10 other sales that are wanting consignment sale prices. No thanks.

    Awesome score on the free doll stuff! And those puzzles...there's just something nostalgic about them, no?

  4. I love that your girls get to read through the books before you sell them. What a great way to get a double bang for your buck!

  5. I love garage sale like that! Free things, things for dirt cheap. What a blessing! My little sister scores free things for her little girl all the time. The dollhouse and such are very fun and I love the vintage puzzles. Great finds! I'm glad you enjoyed your mini vacation! Sounds fabulous to me!

  6. You found some great deals!
    For the most part our clothes are always .25 each in our yard sales....can't say we have that many name brand items though as we mostly shop Wal Mart---but we always do well with them.
    That free dollhouse with accessories...I would have just died! I have 3 granddaughters that would just love to play with it!
    I see you look with reselling on ebay in mind. I think that's great!

  7. Visiting from Money Saving Mom - I LOVE you blog!
    I'm a yard sale addict. My Grandmother got me hooked as a kid. I've been saving tons of money on everything for my son from toys to clothes. I've been sharing some of my hauls along with other tips over at my blog -

  8. K I'm super jealous of the bert & ernie puppets !!! Just found your blog and i'm a new follower. I hope you'll stop by mine sometime :)


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