Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh the drama

When I head out to the yard sales on Saturday mornings, I feel like each address on my scrap paper is a little wrapped gift.  What am I going to find in there?  Is it going to be any good?  Is someone going to take something out of that box before I get to it first?  Oh the drama.

This Saturday morning was fun because my good friend from college came with me.  My family was visiting her family in Charlotte, NC this weekend and I didn't give her much of a choice.  We left the house at the usual 6:15 time,  pretty excited.
Time for Yard the minivan, ready to go...0 dark 30!
 The first item of interest that prompted me to pull out the iphone was the Shrunken Head Craft Kit (apparently fun for the whole family).  I passed it up for $1.00 of course because what is that?  Gross!  But the box was cool and it did look vintage after all. Still, we moved on.

The neighborhood was full of sales and we hopped from garage to garage.  But something was wrong.  I couldn't stop thinking about the shrunken head thing.  So I looked it up on eBay via my phone.  Oh no!!!  Someone sold THE SAME ONE for $50.00 buy it now!  We have to go back!  I put down this shirt I was considering purchasing and we left in a hurry.  (Mental Note:  If it is interesting enough to snap a picture of, it's worth one dollar!!)

We pulled up and it was gone!!  No, it was just moved.  Whew.  $1.00 later the Vincent Price, new in box, Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture kit was mine.

I decided to record for you my growing excitement as we near our yard sale destinations, since I wasn't driving.  I love how my friend, who really could probably care less, got excited with me.  She's the greatest.  KKMCKP, you're the greatest!  Thanks for a fun weekend full of excellent food.

I loved Charlotte.  So many trees, blooming flowers, nice people.  They also had very organized, very nice Goodwills.  I picked up my next Sunday Best for Less Dress (can't wait to share!), and my friend picked up a Barbie Jeep.  Success!  It was a good weekend for things to sell as well.  I am grateful to God for every little thing I find to keep or sell.

PS--I now wish I had bought the shirt.  Oh well.


  1. My sister in law buys stuff from the goodwills in charlotte and sells on ebay all the time.

  2. So- did you get the bat cave? We wait with baited breath...

    I was going to scream when you said you passed up Vincent Price. The graphics on the box alone were worth more than a dollar. I would love to have it but no, I'm not offering $50.

    (I am queen of cheap)

  3. An update on the batcave: NO!! UGH!! Did NOT buy the bat cave. The bat cave was missing one very key piece--the batman! Maybe I should have bought it--it was only $2--but I really wanted some little men with it. I tried to talk her into going inside and finding them for me but she was eating her breakfast and wouldn't budge. I wonder if she ever sold it.

  4. Smart phone to the rescue! I hate that should-i-have-bought-that? nagging feeling!
    Btw, how do you decide what garage sales/route to go to? From your post I take it you don't just drive around. Do you look up newspapers? Craigslist?

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