Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mother-Daughter American Girl Book Club Meeting: Meet Kit

All month long I look forward to this night.  A night that never seems to last long enough, a night of friends, laughter, and fun.  Fun with our daughters and our friends, fun to watch them play and grow and learn from books, fun to watch them try new things and just be themselves.

Tonight was Meet Kit night, and it did not dissapoint!  Thank you, Cybele, for hosting.  We all love your house, your porch, your yard so much!  And even the thunderstorm was perfect.  We began the evening with a simple question, written (or typed) out on paper, "What was your favorite part of the book?"  This was the ice breaker, and a door prize was awarded to a lucky participant! We then talked hobos, and the Great Depression, and boarders, and more Kit stuff.  Hands down Kit's exciting move to the attic and her typewriting/reporting adventures were the best parts of the book, according to the girls.

Ye Ol' Typewriter, circa Kit's era, definitely took center stage tonight.  It was beautiful.  Wonderful.  Working.  And not once did a key get stuck.  My own daughter was definitely the typewriter hog and there was always a line of girls waiting to get on...and waiting...and waiting...

After some talking and typing, we moved on to the craft.  Cybele prepared cans with pre-drilled holes and twine, and the girls made a set of their own Tommy Walkers, a homemade type toy straight out of the Great Depression.  With fierce determination (and some enviously pretty toes) the girls tried out their new set of stilts.

Next we made a little game out of a typical chore from the 1930's.  Since there was no washing machine or dryer, clothes were hand washed and hung outside to dry on a clothesline.  The girls paired up and took turns "washing" the clothes and then clothespinned them to the line as fast as they could.  (Of course it didn't dawn on me that many of the girls have never used a clothespin before--oops!  Here's to new experiences!)  It was fun to watch them race the clock.

We ended the night with berries and checkerboard sandwiches (which I so wish I had remembered to photograph, they were oh so sweet) as well as a yummy ginger homemade fruit punch that was so delightful (and authentically Kit's era).

Next month:  It's a Kanani Luau party.  Hey, I think I have just the thing to wear...

Good luck at the yard sales tomorrow!


  1. What a great way for moms and daughters to read and spend time together. I need to keep this in mind as our daughters get older.

    Can't wait to see what you picked up today.

  2. Our daughter had a blast. She's been using those Tommy Walkers all weekend (wish I could keep her off the hardwood floors, though). She wrote a newspaper and a short story about the Depression. I'm so thankful for this book club. Oh, I included a link to this post on my blog. I didn't think you would mind. ;-) Your pictures are awesome!

  3. What a great experience for your family. Such cute themes at the party too!


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