Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Little Piece of Advice

Buy shoes at yard sales.  You know how expensive shoes are to buy them retail.  I hate shoe shopping!  Even at Target kid shoes are $10-$15.  

Last week I found 4 pairs of shoes for Charlotte, for $0.50 each.  Two dollars for them all.  Look at these puppies.  They look brand new!  Seriously, have these EVER been worn?


  1. Yes! The shoes you got are in really, really good condition. And .50/ea. is such a good price! I've been seeing a lot of overpriced shoes this summer thus far. However, I did find something really fun just about a week ago! Toddler girl's pink Michael Kors boots for only .75! Super good condition as well. They're sort of eskimo-looking with lace-up fronts & fur.
    I love seeing all the cute stuff you're able to find!

  2. Awesome find!! That's the kind of thing you wish you had but would never pay retail now every time your daughter wears them you can think...YES!

  3. Used shoes kind of gross me out, but those DO look practically brand new. Nice score!

  4. Oh man, that was a great deal! I've been looking for good condition shoes for my niblets but recently no luck.


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