Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hostess Gift Idea: Chocolate Scrabble = Words With Friends!

If you're traveling this summer and would love a great gift for your hosts, consider giving them a game of chocolate scrabble!  Great fun for your kids, for your family, or for friends you are planning to stay with.  My charlotte friend just gave this to us, and we played it one night for dessert.  The girls loved it and ate it up (ha ha).

What a fun dessert it was!  The husband took it very seriously, however.

Now we get to eat our letters and words?  Yay!
Speaking of letters and words, did you know scrabble tiles were so valuable?  Those old scrabble games at thrift stores and yard sales might be worth a second  glance!

Are any of you iphoners Words With Friends fans?  I'm definitely obsessed!


  1. I LOVE words with friends - we should play!

    Also, my sister makes really cute jewelry out of scrabble tiles. She applies original photography to one side and makes necklaces out of them:

  2. Yay, so happy you all enjoyed it! I'm glad it didn't expire!


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