Friday, June 3, 2011

Favorite Finds Friday...Books, Books, and more Books

Charlotte is enjoying the tall stack of books.  Don't you love her yard sale sailor suit?

Remember the yard sale where I found books 5 for $1.00?  I picked up this HUGE stack of Disney and Dr. Seuss Beginner Books!  There must be 50 or more of them.  I'm pretty sure they were members of the Disney book of the month or book of the week club, because there are a LOT of books here.  The books are all hardcover, and all are in pristine condition.  Each book even makes that new book creaking when you open them.  Not a mark or flaw on any of these!

These books have already been hours of enjoyment for my girls.  I am literally finding them all over the house!  My 8 year old nephew even had a good time this past weekend reading through each one, and even asked to take one home (The Lost City of Atlantis).  I'm debating whether or not to keep these.  Someone spent a lot of money buying a new book each week.  Do you think these are something my girls would want to pass down one day to their kids?

Hard back books are SO expensive, especially the Dr. Seuss books.  My girls are such wonderful readers, and I am hoping it is because I bring new books home for them every weekend.  I know we could get them  from the library, but we tend to read books over and over and over again for years and years and years.  Maybe I'm saying this because I was an English teacher, but our books are like good friends.  It would be sad to have to give our good friends back just when we start to get to know them.

Okay.  That does it.  We're keeping them!

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