Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ask the Yard Sale Mommy: What if there aren't a lot of yard sales in my area?

I am enjoying reading emails from my new blog following friends!  One question I seem to be getting a lot is this:

I don't live in an area with a lot of yard sales.  Do you have any suggestions?

Do I ever!!

  1. Visit your local thrift stores on a regular basis.  You probably already know this, but I thought it was worth stating.
  2. Hit all the church yard sales you can find, all year round since they are mostly indoor.  Church yard sales are also often very cheap!
  3. TAKE A ROAD TRIP!  This might sound crazy, but bear with me.  We have family 5 hours away in Maryland, and there are some GREAT kid/baby sales there at the local fairgrounds in the fall and spring.  I have been known to plan our family visiting trips on the weekends of these sales!
  4. Volunteer at your local kid consignment sales, so you can shop first.  We have a lot of these in my area, and the volunteers have to put in a great deal of time (in my opinion) in order to get first dibs on the good stuff.  There are a couple I participate in regularly.  And yes, I have a TON of competition there, people looking for the same things I'm looking for.  But hey, there's enough to go around.  And I always pray that God will bless my time, so He's in control of it anyway.
Do you have any suggestions for this frequently asked question?


  1. There is a big consignment sale in my area starting tonight. Are they worth going to later in the weekend or on 50% off day, or is all the good stuff gone right away?


    And ps I am obsessed with your blog! Great info.

  2. Do you find a lot of loot at thrift stores?


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