Monday, May 9, 2011

Yard Sale Finds of the Week: Giddy over smocked outfits and pink cars!

It was a truly awesome weekend of yard many neighborhoods, so little time!  I left the house at 6am with 100 dollars in my pocket and an ashtray full of change.  By 10 am, the ashtray was empty and I sadly turned down lots of great things due to lack of funds, like a Barbie Jeep (boo hoo hoo) and a Step 2 Big Splash Pool!  I'm just sick about that pool now.  They were only asking $20 and I probably could have sold it on Craigslist for anywhere from $50-$100!  I think I need a moment of silence for the Big Splash Fish that got away....okay I'm back.  I actually considered stopping by the yard sale house on the way home from church, to see if it hadn't sold...but Bennett talked me out of it.  Storing that guy would have been a bear.

But for all of the neat things I had to let pass due to space and money, I did pick up a few things I'm giddy about.  First, I hit the mother load of smocked girly little outfits this weekend, and paid anywhere from $1 to $4 dollars for each.  I have been keeping my eye on similar ones on ebay now for weeks, but have been unable to justify spending the I felt very blessed to have found these!  Little Charlotte wore this little number to church this morning:
Love the sweet smocked chicks!  Not bad for $4!
And ya gotta love the bubble shape to show off the fat knees!

I was happy to have something to coordinate with the big girls' outfits, too.

My second find of the week was this sweet pink ride.  Ah yeah...a pimped out ride for Char Char.  She sat in this for literally an hour.  For $10 it was well worth it.  Best purchase of the day (for her, anyway!)

Best part was the cup holder.  She put that cup in and out all morning!

And I just had to end this post with a picture of my roly poly baby.  She's chillin' in her new pink chair (NOT from a yard sale, unfortunately).  I think she's saying, "This is the life!!"
Hope you had a great mother's day!
Stay tuned tomorrow for my first installment  of "Tuesday's Tips" where I'll share some of my ebay secrets...and come back for a giveaway later on this week!

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