Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Best for Less: Mad Men Edition (Thrift Store Dress Find!)

Okay, well, maybe it isn't so Mad Men...but it had good bones.  Sort of early 60's bones.  And even though it was a size XL I thought it would make a really cute and comfy Sunday church dress!  So I picked it up at Goodwill for a whopping $3.59 or something like that, took it home, and made it my size.  I'm not a seamstress, a sewer, or anything like that really, but I can sew a few lines now and then.  No real skills needed here to take in this dress.  I didn't even use my pins (because I couldn't find them!), I just eyeballed it and voila!  A new little dress on the cheap.  Note to self:  time to tan and tone!

The girls had on $1 yard sale dresses today, too...which brings our Sunday fashion to a total of $5.59.  Not bad!


  1. Love it! So pretty. Betty Draper Francis would approve!

  2. Girl, I'm beginning to think that you could dress in a pillowcase and still look amazing. And you probably do have a pillow case dress, don't you? Sigh - forever in jeans and t-shirts I will be. :)

  3. Totally Betty Draper! Love it! Very classy and elegant!


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