Sunday, May 15, 2011

Let's just say I cleaned up: American Girl, Loving Family, Playmobil, Disney Princesses, and more!

I left home yesterday morning with a mountain dew in one hand (you know, my coffee) and $100 in the other.  6:15am and all was well.  The rain had stopped, daylight was just beginning to break and the misty fog was soon to be lifted by the warm rays of the sun.  It was Saturday morning.  My favorite kind of morning.  If that sounds a little romantic to you, I'm sorry...I get a little romantic about yard sales.

By 8:15 I only had $16 dollars left, and I was ready for breakfast with my girls.  But breakfast wasn't quite ready so I stayed out until I had literally emptied my car's ashtray and the bottom of my purse for every nickel, dime, and penny (I just had to buy the complete Beatrix Potter 23 book series...for only $3!!).  Yes, let's just say I cleaned up.

I emptied my car's contents onto the garage floor (dear husband hates this) for a picture.  Some things didn't make it into the picture, of course, as the girls run off with their favorite finds before I can even kiss them hello.  So here's the loot:

This may look like a ridiculous mess to you, but it means a big week for me.  Here are the highlights:

  • American Girl Doll Samantha Bed and Bedding
  • Loving Family dollhouse, tons of stuff
  • Bitty Baby, Bitty Baby Starter Set, and Bitty Baby double stroller (not pictured, the girls took this right away to give to Charlotte and she is pushing that well dressed baby doll in the stroller around as I type this)
  • Playmobil Airport, with taxi, fuel cars, people, and two huge planes!!
  • SEVERAL Disney Princess dresses (many from the Disney Store) with wands, crowns, and shoes
  • Lots of Disney Princess Polly Pockets
  • Many $.50 DVD's
  • Batman and Joker Imaginext houses
  • Fisher Price Geotrax huge bin
  • Imaginext space shuttle and station
  • Leapster LMAX system with 9 games
  • Books, Books, Books
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Groovy Girls, Little Einsteins, Leap pad books, and more!
Are you inspired yet?  Or is it still just a ridiculous mess?

This week's giveaway should be good, so stay tuned.  You can still enter the current giveaway--check it out .  There are only 4 entries so your chances are good, all you have to do is leave a comment!

Stay tuned for this week's thrift store dress find...Sunday Best for Less, the Mad Men edition!!


  1. Wow! What great finds. I love how the Wiggles are buried under the princess dresses! It makes me want to say "Wake up Jeff"!

  2. ok...i'm ready to go with you:).


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