Wednesday, May 18, 2011

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Giveaway Day! One man's junk could now be your treasure: Magic Tree House Books or Calico Critters!

By the end of yard sale-ing (is that a word?  if it is I don't know how to spell it!!) last Saturday I had a car full (well, a Honda Civic full) of stuff.  Certainly I have enough to share!  Each week I thought I would give away one special thing I found to a reader (and since there are only two of you, your chances are pretty good I would say).  To enter to win, simply leave a comment and let me know which gift you would like.  If I know you, I'll make it a point to see you soon if you win!  If I don't know you, I'll get your address and ship it to you!  It's that simple.

Are you ready?  Here's what you can win, Bob!

8 Magic Tree House Books!  Retail value:  $32.  My yard sale cost:  $2.
Who doesn't love Jack and Annie?

Or, if you would prefer, how about adpoting a nice little Beaver Family?
Meet Brother Beaver and Sister Beaver, of the Calico Critter Family.  Retail value:  expensive.  My cost? $1.

Charlotte is a fan!

Includes bonus baby slobber!!

A winner will be picked randomly next Wednesday.  Good Luck!


  1. I'll take the adorable baby please. And my 2nd choice would be the books! Oh yes!
    You are doing a great job with this series. Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Baby is available but only when she is fussy or mommy wants to blog! I will pray for your fun time next week!

  3. I have been a faithful reader of the Sept 15th post...over and over and over again. Let me say I am SOOO happy to have you back! and I love the new camera and photographer you are becoming. Please, please can I win the Magic Tree House books?? D read them all from the library, but turns out I have two other boys that will read and we now don't have a close library. Come visit sometime and see for yourself! :o) hint...hint...

  4. I'll throw my name in the hat for the Calico Critters!

  5. Add me for the Calico Critters! I've been saying for YEARS that I want to go with you on Saturdays but never have gotten up early enough too (except when running a crazy amount of miles:) Keep on blogging b/c I am getting inspired!

  6. A) I like your new header. B) If our comments were erased because google blogger was having a bad day, do we need to re-enter your contest? Because we still love Calico Critters over here! :)

  7. I know!! Blogger has promised to restore comments, too, but I am not holding my breath at this point. So far there are only 4 of you entered, and I think what is important is the order of the comments. I think it was:
    Anyway, I've got you down, girl!

  8. Hi! I discovered your blog from a comment you made on money saving mom. I, too, love going to yard sales! Those little Calico Critters are so cute! In case I win the giveaway, my email is:

    I've saved your blog to my favorites so I will be sure to keep checking it for new posts!

  9. if it's not too late...Calico Critters!

    I follow your blog now from MB's blog :) I coached her in cheerleading in highschool! She is such a beautiful and amazing young lady.

  10. I just found your blog from a comment you left on Money Saving Mom. How fun! I would choose the Magic Tree House books.

  11. Found your blog on a comment from MSM. Love garage sale-ing! I'd choose the Magic Tree House books.

  12. Saw your comment you left at MSM. So awesome how you find these finds! :) Would love to win the books!

  13. I found you through Money Saving Mom! Wow, you've found some great things recently! I love garage sales too. I would love to win the set of books. Thanks for the chance!


  14. I love your blog! I also LOVE a good yard sale, but I haven't yet dared to sell anything on ebay. My girls would love the books if I win! I also have 3 girls plus one boy.

  15. Hi, if this giveaway is still available, I'd love to win! :) I'm interested in the Calico Critters. I found your blog through MSM, and have enjoyed it so much. My husband sold things on ebay for a while and I learned some about selling from him. I just wish we lived in a good yard sale area, but I will enjoy seeing your finds. Keep up the great blog! :)
    ellenbeth1981 at yahoo dot com

  16. I would love to give my daughter that Beaver family :) We've been studying Beavers in homeschool and she's fascinated.
    Thanks for the cool site!

  17. What a cute give away. Too sad I didn't get 1. Anyway, thanks for sharing these all of cute and nice stuffs to us! Keep up the good work.


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