Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday's Unexpected Loot and a Lesson Learned

I don't usually go to garage sales on Fridays, but today was just my lucky day I guess.  I headed out for errands and wound up in a neighborhood yard sale.  There wasn't much left by 10am but I did score this loot:

Just about every magic tree house book (with research guides!!), Fisher Price Horses, and Barbie some books to put away for Christmas for the girls.  My total: $13.  The books alone should sell for over $40, and we'll read them all first of course!

I tried to take an artsy type photo of my junk.

But I realized that junk's still junk, no matter how you photograph it.  Lesson learned.

PS--If you are looking for my giveaway, Blogger has promised it will be back asap.  Blogger went down yesterday afternoon and everything posted yesterday was removed, but is supposedly coming back!  So if you haven't entered yet keep checking back for it!

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